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ATN X-Sight HD


ATN X-Sight HD

The ATN X-Sight HD was designd to be one of the most advanced scopes on the market. While optimized for rifles it can be mounted to a high speed crossbow and used to take your hunt to a whole new level.

The list of features and capabilities is a long as it is impressive. TheA TN X-Sight HD includes:

  • Wi-Fi for connection to mobile or desktop devises for hands free realtime or recorded viewing
  • GPS and Geotagging of your coordinates
  • E-Compass display uses a 3 dimensional magnetometer for precision accuracy
  • Velocity for tracking and hunt status estimation
  • Altitude for hunting the high country
  • Single shot zero to dial in your crossbow instantly
  • Multiple digital recital selections
  • 1080P HD video recording of all your hunting action
  • High resolution still image capturing
  • Day/Night vision capability
  • Image stabilization and gyroscope improves stability when taking a shot
  • Smooth 3-12 electronic zoom
  • Free firmware updates

All of these features are powered by an ATN Obsidian Core computer which has the ability to process 1 billion commands per minute. Control is done through a series of easy to reach buttons on the top of the scope. While looking through the optics you will be able to setup the scope through an intuitive user interface that offers near limitless customization of your display which can show (battery power, compass, wifi signal, time, moon phase, altitude, photo/video mode, velocity and more).

The only drawback is a little bit of added weight but that is easily offset by the lighter crossbows available in the market. At the end of the day ATN has engineered a crossbow compatible scope that has the ability to revolutionize how you approach a crossbow hunt. It’s advanced set of features will not only improce your hunt but also give you a decidable advantage over your quarry.

x-sight hd scope
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