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Can you deer me now?


The Facts on Deer Hearing

Deer hunting is a challenging sport but somehow over the years this big game has gained a somewhat mythical or superhero like set of senses. They can smell you a mile away, hear a pin drop in the forest, and spot even the slightest human movement from 100 yards away. While it feels like that maybe the case sometimes in actuality not all their senses are that supercharged.

Their hearing however does edge us in a couple key places:

  • The average deer can hear high frequents sounds better than we can (human hearing tops out around 20,000 hertz) while deer can hear up to 30,000 hertz.
  • Deer have advanced sense of sourcing where a noise came from; in part this is from their ears which they can rotate.

Outside of these two advantages deer don’t really hear much better than us. Just like us they are distracted by background noises such as wind sweeping through a forest. This is why a number of hunters will actually employ a stalking approach on windy days in hopes of catching them off guard. This is also valuable to remember if your plan involves calling deer into a certain area. On windy/rainy days this will be much more difficult as the sound of your call will likely be muffled by the sounds of the forest. If you want to test it out just have someone utilize your call and then walk away until you can no longer hear it. When you can’t hear anymore, neither can that buck.

So the next time your holding your breathe for fear that trophy buck will hone in on your location on the exhale, don’t, While we still need to be aware of their advanced hearing abilities we can adjust for them in order to improve our success in the field.