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Striker Climate Bibs

Whether Your Hunting or Ice Fishing ICE Safety Is Priority

Crossing frozen waterways during a late season crossbow hunt can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. In the same way a safety harness must be worn climbing a tree a flotation system msut be used on uncharted frozen waterways.

Few hunters have taken this precaution in the past because there haven’t been options that doesn’t stick out or get in our way. Now with the advanced flotation suits designed by Striker you can stay safe on the safe without it affecting your ability to hunt or ice fish.

Specifically their rugged Climate Bibs are an excellent option for those looking to wear something under their camo. The Striker Climate bib comes with flotation assist and a removable liner which allows you to continue using it through different temps and seasons. It offers more hunter friendly features than any comparable flotation suit on the market and is essential equipment if your traveling over ice.

Product Spotlight

Browning OneSixTwo Crossbow


Browning OneSixTwo Crossbow is blazing fast at 370 FPS and packed with innovative features designed to improve shooting accuracy and crossbow usability.

The Browning OneSixTwo crossbow is the fastest of the two new models they introduced. Browning has brought the quality and innovation that has made their firearms so iconic to this new lineup. Both models come pre-assembled, and sighted-in right and ready for a crossbow hunt right out of the box.

At 370 FPS the Browning OneSixTwo has plenty of speed and comes packed with added features such as a built-in hidden crank cocking device, a TriggerTech Anti-Dry fire trigger and hardcover travel case to name a few. The crossbow also features a ton of other innovations designed to improve hunter success.

Product Spotlight



TRUGLO Triton crossbow reticle offers the compact accuracy and rugged durability hunter are constantly seeking .

Red dot sights offer the most efficient close to mid-range target  acquisition tools a crossbow hunter can take advantage of. This makes them ideal turkey and big game crossbow hunting.  The Triton TRUGLO Red-Dot sight is are shock, water, and fog-resistant with click-adjustable windage and elevation. It also features an integrated Weaver style mount, as well as flip-up lens cover.

Product Spotlight

Magnus Bullhead


Engineered to withstand the rigors of the fastest crossbow on the market while attaining optimal accuracy, the Magnus Bullheads has established itself as a favorite among crossbow turkey hunters. It’s unique blade is designed specifically for head or neck kill shots and has been aerodynamically crafted to achieve the best possible flight characteristics in it’s class. Magnus offers a complete turkey hunting crossbow kit (broadhead, bolts, fletching) or the broadheads in the 3 pack variations listed below.

Product SpotlightTechnology



The Striker Climate Jacket uses advanced flotation and insulation technology to protect hunters from all of winters elements.

Striker has long had a reputation for making high quality ice fishing gear also use their advanced flotation and insulation technology to outfit for hunters.

Product Spotlight

Xecutioner Broadheads


The Xecutioner mechanical broadhead features precision machining combined with an ultra sharp set of blades and other unique innovations to set it apart from the competition.

Xecutioner Broadheads

Xecutioner broadheads use a ferrule design that is extremely flexible as it features multiple grooves to accommodate the draw weight of your crossbow. This allows you to achieve maximum cutting performance as soon as the broadhead engages the target. It also significantly reduces the risk of early deployment.

When testing the blades with a crossbow (dialed in at 385 FPS through a chronograph), we experienced flawless in-flight performance. The broadhead design is extremely aerodynamic and well balanced. Allowing you took tighten up your grouping, especially on those longer shots.

Executioner Broadheads

In addition we found that unlike other mechanicals on the market this blade opens on impact and begins cutting with its 2.5 inch blade immediately. This ensures two massive wounds with a pass through and a viscous blood trail that will be as short as it is long. In addition the ferrules are tipped with a blade that helps the Xecutioner achieve greater penetration. When tested against other broadheads with a comparable cutting diameter the Xecutioners dug deeper every time.

Broadhead Xecutioner

On top of improved performance, these broadheads also come in a variety of colors. Utilizing a colored ferrule that will stick out of your hunting terrain makes it that much easier to find. Finally, as an added bonus Xecutioners come in packages of 4. This lets you utilize the extra broadhead for target practice without worrying about dulling your 3 quivered hunting heads.

So if you’re looking for quality mechanical broadhead with a devastating cut give the Xecutioners should be on your shopping list.

BLADE TYPE  :    Mechanical
# BLADES  :    2
CUT DIAMETER  :    2.5″
TOTAL CUT (Surface Area)  :    2.5″
Number Blades    2