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Trail Camera Testing


Trail cameras are the primary scouting tool for the modern hunter, capturing footage of the wild game in your area that you can use to give you the edge.

There are dozens of trail camera brands and models to choose from.  Each one has varying capabilities and setting that you can configure. While some are easier to setup and use than others, you want to make sure the model you’re using is setup to take the best images/video possible.  There’s nothing worse than spending all that money and timing setting up a trail camera, only to find out later that it wasn’t properly configured. So to ensure you don’t miss capturing that elusive trophy, spend 20 minutes and test your setting.

This is a quick test that will guarantee your flash range; focal point, image clarity and trigger speed are dialed in and ready to capture the perfect shot.

  1. Program your camera as you would before taking it into the field (use default settings, gives you a solid starting point)
  2. Now mount it 4-6 feet high on a tree, telephone pole or tripod. Try to do this in an relatively open area.
  3. Stand next to the camera and measure 10 feet directly in front of the lens.
  4. Place a stake or easily visible object at this spot.
  5. Measure out another off another 10 feet and repeat until you have a straight line of stakes/objects every 10 feet, for 50 feet.
  6. Turn on your trail camera and let it arm itself.
  7. Go behind the camera and loop around, outside the camera field of view but in line with the 10 foot marker.
  8. Now walk past the camera at the first 10 foot marker (make sure your camera has time to capture your image)
  9. Then allow it to rearm and repeat this step for each of the stakes/objects.

This test will provide you if visual evidence of your cameras following capabilities:

  • Maximum Detection Range in Distance (the farthest stake at which the camera can detect you),
  • Maximum Detection Width (how far into the field of view you had to walk)
  • Image Clarity (will tell you the ideal focal distance)

If you’re also interested in testing your  Trigger Speed you can reuse this setup and try running by your camera at the various distances. If running isn’t your thing you can drive by on an ATV, or have a family pet do the running.  This test allows you to determine whether you are happy with your current systems trigger speed or whether you believe it’s time for an upgrade.

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If I only had one word to describe the FLIR Scout III it would be “advantage”. Few new technologies revolutionize how you approach a hunt and significantly impact the odds of success.

No matter how much gear we buy most of it isn’t going to overcome the keen senses of the most prized big game out there. This is no more apparent than at night when our human eyes are rendered nearly useless in comparisson. The FLIR Scout III turns the tables on this disadvantage and put the ball pack in our court.

The Scouts thermal imaging capability allows hunters to spot game through the darkest of nights and make decisions on how to approach their hunt. You can now avoid being busted on the way in to a stand, glass a dark field in the early morning to know if that buck is going to pass by your setup and effortlessly track hard to find fresh blood no matter how little there is. It is a true advantage to have one of these units along for your hunt but let’s look into all the features that make this camera stand out product.

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Wac’Em Crossbow Broadheads


Wac'Em has established itself as a quality American made broadhead company and now they've added two new outstanding crossbow broadheads to their lineup.

The first of the new Wac’Em crossbow broadheads is their fixed 3 blade model which utilizes rugged materials and a dependable design to provide consistently tight groupings. The second is a new expandable crossbow broadhead which can withstand the torque of the fastest crossbows on the market and unleash a devastating 2 inch cut on impact. Which of these you choose comes down to personal preference and which of the characteristics listed below that you prefer.

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The Striker Climate Jacket uses advanced flotation and insulation technology to protect hunters from all of winters elements.

Striker has long had a reputation for making high quality ice fishing gear also use their advanced flotation and insulation technology to outfit for hunters.

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X-Factor Dampening System

X - Factor Supreme Crossbow System

X – Factor Supreme Crossbow System

Noise vastly reduced! No more spooking game from your crossbow shot. Finally a tested System for split-limb crossbows that really does make a drastic difference in sound and vibration. Yes, it reduces noise levels by as much as 38 decibels, and up to 30% vibration reduction on today’s crossbows.

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WASP Dueller


The WASP Dueller 2 blade mechanical broadhead delivers a lethal combination of precision accuracy and versatility which sets it apart from the competition.

WASP Dueler features innovative Select-A-Cut technology, which gives hunters the ability to customize their cutting-diameter at 1.5” or 2+”. This can be done quickly in the field by simply rotating the innovative Select-A-Cut washer which controls the open cutting diameter of the two .036 stainless steel blades. The capability allows you to adjust the broadhead for different situations or game without having to modifying your crossbows setup.

The broadhead also features WASPs Stainless Smart Tip which features tip edges that are aligned with each blade, paving the way through anything that gets in its path. These tip are also built to last, as they’re pressed onto the ferrule to ensure they never come off or out of alignment.

The WASP Dueler mechanical components are smooth and the blade deploys using a high quality O-Ring system. This  system requires the least amount of energy to deploy, ensuring your bolt retains that energy for a pass through. The WASP O-Ring system is also extremely rugged. Made of super tough neoprene, the O-Ring material will never weather, crack or break down, even in freezing temperatures. This broadhead is designed for the crossbow of today and tomorrow. We tested the unit flawlessly at 380 FPS with one O-Ring but with the addition of a second, these broadheads can exceed crossbow speeds well over 400 FPS.

BLADE TYPE  :    Mechanical
# BLADES  :    2
CUT DIAMETER  :    1.5″ or 2″
TOTAL CUT (Surface Area)  :    2″

Available at 100-grain, the WASP Dueler broadheads are an impressive tool and one every crossbow hunter should have at their disposal.

Dueler WASP