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Crossbow Deal Hunting


Tips to help you save cash on that new crossbow hunting gear.

Crossbow Deal Hunting

The same innovation and technology that’s making Crossbow hunting such an exciting sport is also ratcheting up the price tag. For the most part the sport is very affordable but it’s always hard to resist the urge not to buy the latest and greatest new products.

Here are some tips to that will keep your crossbow gear up to date and under budget.

  1. Resist the compulsive buy – It’s hard when you  have been saving up and you finally have enough for that new crossbow, but hold on. Retailers have sales on a regular basis and if you can wait it out your crossbow will probably be on sale within the month.
  2. Mom-and-Pap – If you have a local store that sells what you’re looking for you can go in any time and ask the owners if they’ll give you a better price.. If you buy a couple things (crossbow, bolts, case, ECT) they will have the flexibility to cut you a deal.
  3. Used it is – Save the on the new price and on tax by buying used. I don’t recommend this unless you’re experienced with crossbows as there is risk involved in buying damaged goods. However, if you are comfortable with the product you can come out ahead of the game.
  4. Oh Canada – Recently the Canadian dollar has been losing value. If you’re in the north, you can take advantage of the exchange rate buy shopping at Canadian retailers.
    Check out some of the pricing at Cabelas Canada.
  5. Price Match – Depending on the store you can usually get retailers to price match or beat thier competitor’s price on a new crossbow.
  6. Accessory Overload – Loading up on all those accessories will break the bank in no time. Before you buy them ask yourself if first of all you need them and second  will they improve my crossbow hunt. Bolting a half dozen components to your crossbow can weigh it down, doing more damage than good.
  7. Social Media – Companies are always running special deals through twitter and facebook accounts so that they can get more followers. If you’re signed up, keep an eye out for these exclusive offers.

Remember that crossbow hunting is a business and there are a lot of features that fall into the category of “nice-to-have”. Don’t get hung up on those and instead focus on what you actually need to get out there and have fun.