Tips & Tricks

Crossbow Hunting Turkey Tips


Crossbow hunting turkey is challenging so here are a couple tips to help you get your bird.

  1. Spring crossbow maintenance is first and foremost if you haven’t been out all winter.
  2. Try a man made blind constructed from natural materials on patterned turkeys to conceal your movements (though it limits mobility), or hunt with a model that’s easy to transport, and assemble.
  3. Practice shooting your bolts at a 3-D turkey target on a regular basis to visualize your intended quarry.
  4. Stake turkey decoys at longest effective crossbow range to fix an individual gobbler or flock’s position while reduce chance of alerting them.
  5. Choose turkey and crossbow specific mechanical broadheads for solid flight and serious cutting diameter.e.
  6. To reflect hunting conditions, practice shooting from a hunting stool, a standing position, or on your backside.
  7. Place your shots at the neck’s base on facing birds, wing butt, or at the anal vent when turkeys face away.
  8. Wear reliable, comfortable camouflage that i can adjust to the unpredictable spring conditions.