Tips & Tricks



In the world of deer attractants urine is a extremely popular because of its time tested effectiveness.

To get the most out of a deer scent this season you need to know exactly when the best time to use it is.  Otherwise your results could lead to a disastrous crossbow hunt. Keep these tips in mind before dripping, dragging, or spraying any attractant during your crossbow hunt.

Non-Estrous Doe Urine

Bottom Line: This type of scent doesn’t represent a challenge to a buck and doesn’t suggest a doe is in heat either. This could put a buck on edge at the wrong time and at the very least heighten his senses, putting him in alert mode. It’s a safe play and could draw in a curious animal.

Time: Non-Estrous doe urine works best during early season.

Tip: use a drag line to lay down a trail 20-30 yards in front of your stand.

Estrous Doe Urine

Bottom Line: This will make a buck think there is a nearby doe in heat but can also cause confusion and heighten alertness when used in early season.

Time: Most effective during the ruts chasing phase and breeding phases. This is also a useful attractant that can be used during the second rut which occurs later in the season.

Tip: During the chase phase of the rut use a drag line combined with both doe bleats and buck grunts to imitate deer activity. Dominate bucks in the area won’t be able to resist the urge to find out what’s going one.

Buck Urine

Bottom Line: For other bucks this scent is going to trigger curiosity in the early season and later will act as a challenging scent during the rut.

Time: Buck urine can be effective in early season but really shines during the pre-rut and rut. Be careful using the dominate buck urine as it could cause less dominate males to avoid the area in early season, and especially in late season when they are worn down and avoiding confrontation.

Tip: If you setup a buck decoy place buck urine upwind from a trophies suspected bedding area to draw him out.

Keep in mind that the use of real deer attractants maybe restricted do to the potential spread of disease. Consult your local crossbow hunting regulations and don’t be afraid to use synthetic attractants as they can be just as effective.