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Deer Calls: What the “BLEAT”


Deer calls are always a risky tactic but using a bleat can minimize your risk and improve your results.

Using deer calls can be that missing tool that you can use to draw that animal into range. Knowing what to use and when, is the trick. Deer hunting offers a lot of options with bleats, grunts, rattling, growls, and snort wheezes. On top of that there are dozens of call variations and devices. So what do you use and when.

Well a lot of the what, when and where depends on the situation but I can tell you that there is one that has the most upside and that is the bleat. The bleat call, unlike the others offers little risk of intimidating other deer as it isn’t associated with a dominate buck in anyway. Therefore there is little downside compared to the other calls that can easily deter a sub dominate male or doe nearby.

What device you use it completely up to you. Bleat calls can be used in three distinct devices:

Can Call

The can call is the most popular as it is the most consistent and versatile. All you need to do is flip over the can and you get a perfect call every time. Then, if you need to increase the volume all you do is blow into the call in give it the extra boost. The only drawback if there aversion to water that can destroy the internals in a flash.

Tube Call

Like a grunt tube you can use a tube bleat to call. These take a little more practice but often are designed with the flexibility to modify the sound to your liking. It also gives you the ability to try different bleat combinations.

Electronic Call

A call that is becoming more and more popular because of it consistency. These calls can also be purposed with remote controls that allow you to place them away from your stand, which will put you in a advantageous situation is the animal attempts to wind you. Downside is they have been known to be hard on batteries especially in cold weather conditions and may or may not fare well in wet conditions (model depending).