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Excalibur Matrix 405


Product ReviewsTechnology

Excalibur Matrix 405


Excalibur Matrix 405, with bone crushing power and proven reliability this bow is purpose built for hunting big game.

The unit features Excalibur’s Compact Recurve Technology, Ergo Stock, PowerLoad limbs, REDS dampening system, Pistol grip, Dyna Flight string. As well if you purchase the unit with the scope you receive Excaliburs premiere Twilight Deluxe scope. This is my personal bow of choice as it takes a lot of the guess work out of those shots where distance is constantly changing.

So far I’m one for one this this bow and it’ll be one of my go to bows next year.

SPEED   –    405 FPS
WEIGHT   –    6.2 LBS
LENGTH   –    36.25″
WIDTH (Cocked)   –    24.75″
WIDTH (Uncocked)   –    30.62″
DRAW WEIGHT   –    290 LBS
POWER STROKE   –    13.87″

If your upgrading from an older Excalibur model or larger compound crossbow the weight isn’t going to be significantly different. However, the balance, grip, and width will be a serious upgrade from last generation of Excalibur recurve crossbows.. Not to mention the incredible amount of power this crossbow harnesses.

The Excalibur Matrix 405 has one small draw back and that is just the draw weight. It’s a 290 pound pull to get this bow ready to shoot. With the shorter power stroke it isn’t as bad as it sounds but again if your upgrading from an older model this might be a shock.

Finally I just want to emphasize that this bow is a hunting bow and is meant for just that. After sighting it in on my Rinehart 18-1 target and spending an additional 30 minutes getting the arrows out after they melted in the target, I decided not to shoot until the hunt. I’ve since upgraded to a high speed bag but the immense power doesn’t make it a great 3D or backyard bow. Outside of these minor complaints this is in my opinion Excalibur finest crossbow package to date.

Highly recommend the Excalibur Matrix 405 to big game hunters.