Tips & Tricks

Find The Deer Highway


To locate deer you need to think like them and identify the types of terrain they prefer to travel through.

  • Ridge tops – Deer love to walk along or just off the spines of long ridges, where terrain isn’t too steep and escape is just a bound or two away.
  • Water Ways – Dense vegetation typically grows along moving water, making deer feel safe and also provide a source of food.
  • Fence Lines – Doesn’t matter is it’s a stone wall, barbwire, or wooden fence, deer consistently travel parallel to these structures.
  • Low Spots – Ravines, saddles, ditches, dips, swales, and other low structure that keep deer hidden as they move are key areas deer seek out.
  • Habitat Edges – Deer like to walk the line between one cover type and another, especially if one is thicker, such as the edge separating a clear cut from the adjoining hardwoods.