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You “CAN” Do it !!!


Whitetail, Blacktail, and Mule Deer can all respond quickly and dramatically to the consistent doe Estrus Bleat produced by Primos Can calls.

If you’re striving for a consistent Doe bleat call that never fails in the moment, then Primos Original Can call is for you. When flipped upside down this gravity operated call produces the perfect bleat every time.To ensure it doesn’t  make noise when hiking into your spot is a raised thumb hole locator for a insured seal.
As well the new model feature an additional grip to ensure it won’t slip out of your hands.Primos has a couple models to choose from, the Original CAN and the Long Can call which produces a longer more intense bleat. I’ve used the original can call and have had great success drawing out whitetails. Only small drawback, and a lesson I learned the hard way is the can call isn’t waterproof. However, this isn’t a big deal and is a small gripe for what I consider an invaluable addition to any deer hunters arsenal.