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ProTracker Recovery System


ProTracker recovery system allows crossbow hunters can take advantage of next generation technology.

The ProTracker game recovery system allows crossbow hunters to track animals that may have been lost otherwise. Not only will this allow you to recover mortally wounded game but it will also allow you to track wounded animals and put them down, avoiding long term suffering.

Unlike some systems on the market ProTracker is compatible with crossbows and is extremely easy to use. However, a major source of concern is always how the unit will affect flight. The ProTracker design is completely to be balanced and aerodynamic. In fact the transmitter carrier which weighs only 100 grain. For high speed crossbows this additional weight won’t be an issue.

To use the ProTracker you simply thread one end of the carrier into your bolt. You then thread your broadhead into the opposing end of the carrier and that’s it. Now, you will want to take a couple practice shots to dial in the extra weight, but ProTracker includes practice dummies just for this purpose. After your setup it’s time to go hunting.

Once you take your shot, the transmitter will disconnect from the carrier on impact and will be attached to the animal. The transmitter is automatically active after it comes disconnected and begins relaying a RF signal which last 10-12 hours. You then use your receiver unit to pinpoint the direction of the signal and recover the animal.

ProTracker System Includes:

  • 2 – RF Transmitters
  • 3 – Transmitter Carrier
  • 1 – Tracking RF Reciever
  • 1- Antenna
  • 2 – Practice Dummies
  • 1 – Transmitter Charger
  • 1 – USB Cable for Charger
  • 1 – USB Edison Plug

A lot of hunters consider this technology excessive or unnecessary for a skilled tracker. However, even the most skilled tracker can’t recover an animal suffering from a misplaced shot that lacks sufficient blood trail or rainy day that washes out what trail is left. The only thing worse than not recovering a trophy, is recovering it after it’s gone to waste.

If the technology exists to make hunting more enjoyable and more humane for the animal, use it.