Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Rabbit Hunting Tips


Crossbow hunting rabbits is great sport but it involves sharpened technique and shot capability.

If you’re up to challenge the outcome can be extremely rewarding. Here 5 tips that will improve your odds.
  1. Crossbows. Any modern crossbow should do the job. Some hunter’s smaller, lighter, and lower poundage bows for hunting small game as they can come in useful when moving through thick brush.
  2. Bolts. This is personal preference. However, you will be shooting downward and your bolts will be deflecting and absorbing impact from angles which may bend aluminum. Carbon arrows a a little more forgiving so would recommend using them.
  3. Broadheads. Small game points are a very popular choice for small-game and there is no shortage of options. Different styles vary such as the Muzzy SGX which has a sharp Trocar point surrounded by small spring arms that snag in the brush for improved bolt recovery.  Styles like the G5 S.G.H. are designed to shock and rip. Or the Saunders Archery BLUDGEON, which relies solely on blunt force trauma. Even your normal field point with an adder behind it will work.
  4. Accuracy. Whatever crossbow, bolt, broadhead combo you select accuracy is still king. Practice as you hunting, and try shooting at a rabbit sized target, downward from a standing position.
  5. Response time. Rabbit hunting is instinctive and you need to be ready to draw and take the shot at a moment’s notice. Again, practicing this will improve your ability to quickly draw on a smaller target.