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Ramcat Broadhead Innovation

The right broadhead could be the difference between trophy success and ultimate failure.

For most of us we rarely have the opportunity to try a broadhead before making a purchase. Instead we rely on info provided by the manufacturer, word of mouth or random reviews. Regardless of the source, ultimately you need to decide what broadhead features are most important to you as a hunter.

While accuracy should be the number one priority the second key feature most hunters look at is cut diameter. This is important but in many cases hunters forget that no matter how large the cut, it won’t do the intend damage without the proper penetration. This is where the Ramcat broadhead has made a name for itself.

While these broadheads still feature a sizable cut diameter, they exceed at attaining maximum target penetration while delivering incredible accuracy. Ramcat broadheads are the first blade over shaft broadheads on the market and feature a one piece, stainless steel body ferrule. This ferrule features a Hydroshock self-centering chisel tip with deep lobe and aero insert technology. That Hydroshock self-centering chisel tip creates a hydrofoil forcing body mass outward and thus removing friction down the arrow shaft which in turn results in industry leading target penetration.

Ramcat Blade
Ramcat Blade

To prevent wind planning the chisel tips deep lobes create an airfoil that drafts wind over the blades. They also utilize aero insert technology which is a double O-ring system on the threaded shank to guarantee that your broadhead and bolt are perfectly aligned. So far we’ve highlighted the broadheads supreme flight and penetration characteristics but we can’t overlook its blades.

Ramcat broadheads have offset stealth blade design featuring .032” thick interchangeable blades. The 100 grain and 125 grain have a 1 3/8” and 1 ½” cutting diameter which is impressive for a fixed blade head. Another impressive blade feature is the dual edge sharpening. By having the blades sharpened both on the front and rear you ensure that if you don’t attain a pass through the blades will continue cutting as they work their way out.

Grain for grain these broadheads boast some of the most innovative and effective engineering we’ve seen to date. Ideal for any type of crossbow these will be extremely effective for shooters with a low power unit or those going after big game. The company motto is. Hits Like a Ram…..Cuts Like a Cat! After experiencing these we couldn’t agree more.

It is to be noted that the same swept back blade design that makes them so effective also classifies them a barbed head. So if you live in a region that regulates the use of this type of broadhead double check to ensure they are approved. If not, they make worth a move.