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Sitka Shacket A Game Changer


The Sitka Shacket takes the concept of body-mapping to the extreme, giving you the insulation you need, only where you need it.

The appropriately named Sitka Shacket is a versatile piece of hunting gear that offers the active hunter the ability to insulate their core without movement limitations that are experienced through traditional jackets.
 The Shacket, for lack of a better descriptor, is an insulated T-Shirt jacket.  Designed to keep your vitals and upper arms warm, without the elbow binding material found in standard jackets.  It features a diagonal full-length zipper and built-in front hand muff with short sleeves. As well its quilted construction and quiet zipper pulls are designed to suppress noise. For those of us that hunt in a treestand the Shacket also features a safety harness pass through for additional convenience and comfort.

This innovative piece of hunting gear shows will prove invaluable for mid temperature or active hunts and could represent the next big trend in hunting gear.