Slash INsetBlade Crossbow Bolts


Slash INsetBlade crossbow bolts are not just an evolution, but a revolution in broadhead design.

Revolutionary hunting technologies are few and far between, which is why SLASH INsetBlade crossbow bolts are exploding in popularly. They’ve taken the effectiveness and efficiency of a mechanical broadhead and combined it with the dependability of a fixed blade.

While hybrid broadheads aren’t new, previous designs have experienced aerodynamic flaws. SLASH has engineered a system in which they’ve embedded their mechanical blades within the crossbow bolt shaft which results in improved flight performance and tighter groupings. It also allows them to utilize larger blades, which combined with the fixed blade broadhead results in a mind numbing 5.25 inches of total cutting surface area.

Lets explain exactly how this crossbow bolt works.

Before the mechanical blades deploy a 3 blade, 60 grain, 7/8″ cutting diameter broadhead is installed as a traditional crossbow broadhead. This fixed blade will cut first, opening the wound channel, breaking bones and increasing your chance for a pass through. As the fixed broadhead blazes a trail of destruction through the target, the shaft will follow along with the two massive inset mechanical blades held by a high strength o-ring. As the blades enter the target, they will deploy to create a 3 inch cutting diameter. In addition, the mechanical blades are aligned so that new tissue is being cut. Not only does this increase the total cutting capacity of the system but it results in a boring action through your target instead of a slice.

The SLASH INsetBlade bolts are designed for use on high-speed crossbows and have been successfully tested at speeds up to 430 FPS. All bolts use aluminum shafts and come from the factory in three different lengths 20”, 22” and 24 inches. The length of your crossbows rail will ultimately determine the set which is compatible. In addition all bolts come factory tuned and matched to ensure consistent flight performance. The SLASH crossbow set comes with 2 hunting bolts with broadheads, 1 practice bolt and an o-ring set.

Crossbow hunters have never been shy of adopting new technology. Those who choose to unload the SLASH INsetBlade bolts this season will be rewarded with blood trail to their trophy that is as wide as it is long.

BLADE TYPE  :    Hybrid
# BLADES  :    5
TOTAL CUT (Surface Area)  :    5.25″ *largest in class