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The Striker Climate Jacket uses advanced flotation and insulation technology to protect hunters from all of winters elements.

Striker has long had a reputation for making high quality ice fishing gear also use their advanced flotation and insulation technology to outfit for hunters.

The Striker 3-1 Climate Jacket is an excellent example of how this technology perfectly fits and exceeds the requirements of a winter hunt. One of the standout features of this jacket and reason it’s considered a lifesaver its ability to float. While a crucial feature for ice fisherman it is also incredibly beneficial for hunters that run into ice during the season.

Whether blazing trails to new stands, tracking an animal, or taking a shortcut, crossing ice can be a necessary risk. This is especially true during milder weather when ice conditions become unstable. To combat these risks the Striker Climate jacket uses its SUREFLOTE technology to ensure the hunter regains near instant buoyancy in case they break through. SUREFLOTE uses low density polyethylene foam that is light weight and undetectable by the wearer. In addition to keeping your head above ice water the jacket is designed to drain quickly once you’re out. Draining your jacket will slow the onset of hypothermia and ensures your jacket doesn’t retain the added water weight.

Striker Ice Jacket

Striker built the outer shell of this jacket from heavy duty 320D Tussor that is both Waterproof and Breathable. It uses HYDRAPORE laminate technology that’s specifically designed to provide maximum protection against extreme weather and keeps wind from cutting through the material. The hood system is also very impressive with a memory wire visor that can be adjusted to shield as much, or as little of your face from the wind as required.

The inside of the jacket is just as impressive with 175g of Thermadex thermal insulation.  Thermadex is a light weight, low density insulation specifically designed for outdoor active wear. In addition to the warmth you’ll be guaranteed in the stand Thermadex is also breathable, so you won’t be soaked after hiking through snowy terrain. If you do feel that the system is to warm the jacket also features multiple vents and is a a 3-1 jacket system with fleece-lined soft-shell jacket liner can be removed.

Striker Climate Camo

With all the technology packed into the jacket Striker hasn’t forgotten the storage pockets that hunters crave:

  • Expandable cargo pockets
  • Quick access pockets with interior D-rings
  • Napoleon pocket accessible without opening front zipper
  • Inner cell phone and zippered breast pockets
  • Soft Touch side access hand pockets
  • Left sleeve key pocket

Available in multiple colors including a Brown/Camo, this jacket has been built to keep that hardcore hunter protected from all winter elements. With its advanced technology, flexible 3-1 system and impressive storage the Striker Climate jacket may just become your all season go to.