The Anti-Dry Fire Guardian


Dry firing your crossbow can and often does result in disaster.

Without having a crossbow bolt to absorb the forces generated by your limbs, they will have to take on the added recoil. This usually results in instant or systematic mechanical failure, as your crossbow isn’t designed to absorb this additional strain. In the past this was an accepted hazard that crossbow shooters had to be constantly aware of. In case you did accidentally dry fire your crossbow there was no room for error, or safety to prevent this costly mistake.

In order to give us all some piece of mind and better protect your investment Excalibur has built the “Guardian” Anti-Dry-Fire system to prevent dry firing. In the event the crossbow is fired without an arrow, the Guardian system catches the string, preventing the crossbow from dry firing. The unit is conveniently self-contained inside your crossbows scope mount and features a built-in release so, at the end of your day you can easily de-cock the crossbow without using an arrow.

If you’re buying a Matrix series crossbow from Excalibur you maybe in luck as the Guardian is standard on most Matrix models. If not, the Guardian is compatible and easy to install on all other Excalibur crossbow models.

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Crossbow Fishing : Give it a try


Crossbow fishing is here to stay and an awesome way to use your crossbow this summer.

AMS Bowfishing has made it extremely easy by introducing a couple of crossbow fishing kits to get you started. To make this all possible AMS developed revolutionary Sleek-X mount that should attach directly to the quiver holes on most crossbows. After it’s attached you simply mount your retriever reel as well as the float directly to it and your off fishing.

The two AMS crossbow kits available are both well built but engineered for different game. The first one is designed specifically for general all purpose bow fishing. It features the AMS Retriever Pro that has a heavy-duty brass gear and pinion, aluminum trigger, composite housing and stainless steel fasteners. This American made reel is built to last. The complete kit includes:

  • AMS Retriever Pro with 25 yards of 200# Test Braided Dacron Line
  • 3 Crossbow Bolts with AMSChaos Point
  • AMS Sleek-X Crossbow Mount
  • AMS “Between the Banks” DVD

The second crossbow kit is designed for aquatic big game (alligators). It features a series of specialized equipment, like the retriever which allows the end of your line to pull free while tied off to a tracking float in case you have a real monster on the line. The aquatic big game kite includes:

  •  AMS Big Game Retriever® Pro with 400# Braided Spectra Line
  • 3 BreakAway Crossbow Bolts with AMS Big Game Chaos Points
  • AMS Sleek-X Crossbow Mount
  • AMS Big Game Mega Floats
  • 25 Yard Spool of 400# Braided
  • AMS “Between the Banks” DVD

The fiberglass bolts they include on either kit are 24” long and feature a 22/64”diameter. They come with a half-moon nocks are made specifically for bow fishing. Each bolt has a hole is drilled for the AMS Ring System and positioned so the stop screw clears the retention spring on the crossbow.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting new sport, love fishing or looking for a great way to keep your crossbow skills sharp these kits are great way to utilize your crossbow during the summer.

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Black Eagle Executioners are an favorite bolt amongst crossbow hunters for a good reason.

The precision design and manufacturing of all Black Eagle Executioners ensure they can handle the most extreme hunting conditions.

They are available in a multitude of variations, crested, fletched or just the shafts. Black Eagle also guarantees a +-1 grain weight tolerance and +-.01 spine deviation through each dozen to ensure the highest quality results. Here are the specs for the crested of fletched bolts:

LENGTH   –  18″, 20″, 22″
WEIGHT   –  (18” – 92 Gr.) (20” -110 Gr.) (22” – 92 Gr.)
STRAIGHTNESS   –  .001″ & .003″

Crested and fletched bolts include brass inserts to optimize your F.O.C. which maximizes accuracy, Also, all their nocks are pressed fit (not glued) to ensure components won’t loosen over time.  The 18″ fletched/crested arrows come with 2″ Blazer vanes while the 20” /22” feature 3” vanes.  You’ll never loose these in the field as the crested bolts include an additional bright colored, high strength enamel to help you locate them in low light conditions. Double check, but these bolts should work with nearly all the modern crossbows.

Black Eagles Executioners are designed for surgical precision and supreme accuracy. If you’ve ever take a shot that been off just enough to make it marginal then you know how important it is to hunt with bolts that don’t comprise.

Black Eagle Crossbow Bolt
Black Eagle Crossbow Bolt

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HAWK: Hunting Innovation


HAWK is a company focused on innovation.

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Sitka Shacket A Game Changer


The Sitka Shacket takes the concept of body-mapping to the extreme, giving you the insulation you need, only where you need it.

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Tree Spider LiveWire: When You FALL


When you lose your balance your going to want the Tree Spider LiveWire to be there.

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