Product Spotlight

Rack Stacker Attractants

Rack Stacker attractants are time tested and proven to increase deer activity during your crossbow hunt.

Fixation is Rack Stackers popular high protein whitetail deer attractant. Open the bag and you’ll instantly detect the robust aroma and potent apple flavoring that has been powering trophy hunts for years. Along with this attractant Rack Stacker also produces a number of premium deer attractants that will give your crossbow hunt the boost it needs.

The Protein Block – Mineral Lick
The Protein Block is a special blend of pressed protein products with a mix of minerals that is perfect for self-feeding of your deer herd in their natural habitat. It’s formulated to supplement a deer’s natural forage by providing protein, minerals and vitamins necessary for optimum antler growth.

Original Deer Feed
The “Original” Rack Stacker is tried and true option that consistently delivers big time hunting action. Designed back in 2004, this feed is a balance of grains, molasses and flavoring that has such a strong scent that you can smell it in the area days after the feed is gone. It’s track record speaks for itself.

Korn Kobb
This is a classic Rack Stacker blend that offers crossbow hunters big value in a big bag as it’s sold in an easy to carry size of 40lbs. Kron Kobb is a balanced feed and is perfect for feeding whitetail deer throughout the winter months. Because it’s a dry blend with an optimal flow , it’s the perfect solution for automatic, gravity or timed feeders and.

Korn Kernels
This is a blend of high protein pellets, grains, flavoring and Korn. By enriching corn kernels with Cocoa-vanilla flavoring whitetail deer will be drawn into perfect crossbow range. It’s also a balanced feed that is perfect for sustaining whitetail deer throughout the winter months.

Whitetail Deer Attractants
Rack Stacker Attractants

Tips & Tricks

5 Step Mineral Lick


If you’re looking for a great way to capture a trophy buck on your trail cam all while giving him a little extra boost then it’s time to setup a mineral lick.

A mineral lick is a great to offer deer the calcium, phosphorous, sodium and trace minerals they need and crave, especially in the summer. All the while it gives you the opportunity to establish new deer patterns in our area and create a new level of predictability. This new found knowledge can be used to capture images with trail cameras, or establish hunting stands over or near the site. Keep in mind mineral licks qualify as bait so be sure to check the regulations in your area as they can vary greatly depending on your state or province.

To get started I’ve outlined a few key steps to help get your mineral lick established.

Step 1 : You have to pick a spot. Depending on your intentions, establish them in areas where you can either setup your trail camera to capture the perfect image or a hunting stand give you that broadside shot. Some recommend setting one site per 50 acres but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You really just want to make sure your sites aren’t going to be competing with one another.

Step 2: You can buy a readymade bag of loose whitetail minerals or get trace mineral salt from your local feed store.

Step 3: Pour half of your mix into a pail.

Step 4: Take the pail and a shovel to the area you select (helps if there is already good deer sign) and remove any sod and leaf litter from an area (width of a truck tire). Pour two thirds of the bucket contents on this spot, and then use the shovel to drive the minerals into the ground. Pour the remainder of the bucket on the top of the soil

Step 5: Use whets left in the bag to repeat the procedure in another likely spot nearby. Deer may ignore minerals at one site but demolish a lick a seemingly identical location less than 100 yards away.

Now that your setup don’t forget to check back in one week and replenish the lick, but only if it’s seen noticeable action. If it’s doing its job you shouldn’t have a problem picking out all the deer tracks because the ground will be torn up by deer digging for those minerals. Keep a close eye on those hot spots and keep them replenished when needed.