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Crossbow Bolt FOC


Tuning your crossbow bolts will help you tighten your groupings and will ultimately be a key part of your success.

To optimize your accuracy you need to understand what affects your crossbow bolts flight. The front of center of F.O.C. of your bolt can have a big influence on accuracy especially at longer ranges.

 So what exactly is F.O.C.

F.O.C. describes the percentage of your crossbow bolt’s total weight that which is located in the front half of the bolt. The more weight that is located in the front half of the crossbow bolt, the more forward is the crossbow bolt’s center-of-balance.

The F.O.C. balance position of the crossbow bolt is one of the more important elements affecting the shape of the crossbow bolt’s trajectory curve. Ideal F.O.C is especially critical for target shooters participating in long-range shooting competitions or hunters that are pushing the their crossbows to the maximum shooting range.

While F.O.C is less relevant in some crossbow hunting situations (short-range shots), it can be critical in those long-range situations or if your shooting a crossbow with a low FPS rating. A high F.O.C. will fly with good stability, but will shed its trajectory quicker and nose-dive. While a crossbow bolt with low F.O.C. will hold its trajectory better, but can fly erratically. For hunting situations crossbow bolts with 10-15% F.O.C. for hunting setups and optimal accuracy.

How do I Find my F.O.C.?

Product Reviews

Pine Ridge Crossbow Dampeners & Vanes

Pine Ridge Archery engineered products a designed to help crossbow bolt vanes to be easy to apply and is engineered to help arrows fly like a dart, increasing down range accuracy.

Wishbone String and Cable Dampener

Crossbow String Dampener

The Wishbone String and Cable Dampener will make a noticeable reduction of noise and vibration on your bows string and cables. This easy to install dampener does not require a bow press so anyone can quickly add a set to their bow and instantly quiet their set up. At 14 grains each, the Wishbone will not slow your bow down, but in fact may increase speed on certain set ups when placed in the correct location. The Wishbone follows other Pine Ridge Archery accessories by being available in 8 colors plus clear! The clear Wishbone adds a nice touch to your custom string by not masking the strings colors but allowing them to show through.


Slash INsetBlade Crossbow Bolts


Slash INsetBlade crossbow bolts are not just an evolution, but a revolution in broadhead design.

Revolutionary hunting technologies are few and far between, which is why SLASH INsetBlade crossbow bolts are exploding in popularly. They’ve taken the effectiveness and efficiency of a mechanical broadhead and combined it with the dependability of a fixed blade.

While hybrid broadheads aren’t new, previous designs have experienced aerodynamic flaws. SLASH has engineered a system in which they’ve embedded their mechanical blades within the crossbow bolt shaft which results in improved flight performance and tighter groupings. It also allows them to utilize larger blades, which combined with the fixed blade broadhead results in a mind numbing 5.25 inches of total cutting surface area.

Lets explain exactly how this crossbow bolt works.

Before the mechanical blades deploy a 3 blade, 60 grain, 7/8″ cutting diameter broadhead is installed as a traditional crossbow broadhead. This fixed blade will cut first, opening the wound channel, breaking bones and increasing your chance for a pass through. As the fixed broadhead blazes a trail of destruction through the target, the shaft will follow along with the two massive inset mechanical blades held by a high strength o-ring. As the blades enter the target, they will deploy to create a 3 inch cutting diameter. In addition, the mechanical blades are aligned so that new tissue is being cut. Not only does this increase the total cutting capacity of the system but it results in a boring action through your target instead of a slice.

The SLASH INsetBlade bolts are designed for use on high-speed crossbows and have been successfully tested at speeds up to 430 FPS. All bolts use aluminum shafts and come from the factory in three different lengths 20”, 22” and 24 inches. The length of your crossbows rail will ultimately determine the set which is compatible. In addition all bolts come factory tuned and matched to ensure consistent flight performance. The SLASH crossbow set comes with 2 hunting bolts with broadheads, 1 practice bolt and an o-ring set.

Crossbow hunters have never been shy of adopting new technology. Those who choose to unload the SLASH INsetBlade bolts this season will be rewarded with blood trail to their trophy that is as wide as it is long.

BLADE TYPE  :    Hybrid
# BLADES  :    5
TOTAL CUT (Surface Area)  :    5.25″ *largest in class


Product SpotlightTechnology

SpyderWeb Crossbow Targets


The fastest crossbows on the market today surpass 400 FPS with easy.

High speed crossbows offer a huge advantage for hunters as it increases penetration and flattens the arch of your bolts trajectory. However it isn’t without out it disadvantages. The biggest issue has to do with target shooting.

Most targets nowadays aren’t designed to stop bolts moving at 400+ FPS but if they do it’s often extremely difficult to extract them. Surely, I’m not the only one you has damaged or broken a bolt while trying to pull it from a target. Luckily for us, the line of ST crossbow targets from SpyderWeb targets has risen to the challenge of today’s modern crossbow.

These targets are one of the few on the market that can stop a bolt moving at 400 FPS with ease. On top of that they have been engineered to allow for easy bolt or arrow removal. ST Crossbow targets can also stand up to the incredible punishment dealt out by high speed crossbow.

Using what they call Spylar technology, their targets are self healing and double stuffed. They advertise that their target can take up to 55,000 shots which is probably a best case scenario. Even if you get half of that you’re going to be well ahead of the game. On top of all of that, these targets are weather resistant and made in the good old USA.

The only drawback is they are designed for field points only. So if you’re shooting a fixed blade broadhead you will probably want to practice on a compatible target. However, I would still recommend using this one to site your bow most of the way and then fine tune it with the fixed blade broadhead on something else. This will save to time and efforts trying to extract them.

So if you’re sick of fighting to get your bolt/arrows out of your target or just upgraded to a new high speed bow the ST Crossbow target will be worth a look. It’ll save you time, effort, and broken bolts.

Product SpotlightTechnology

Zombie Slayers: The Hopping Dead


Zombie or not these arrows are manufactured with the tightest tolerances to ensure you never miss a head shot.

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Product SpotlightTechnology

Game Vector: 100% Recovery

The Game Vector is out to a make a 100% game recovery rate a possibility.

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