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You “CAN” Do it !!!


Whitetail, Blacktail, and Mule Deer can all respond quickly and dramatically to the consistent doe Estrus Bleat produced by Primos Can calls.

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Product ReviewsTechnology

Pack Rack Rattling

When the Knight & Hale Rack Packs calls, wildlife answers.

The Knight & Hale Pack Rack Rattling System is a unique rattling system replicates the sounds of dominant buck or elk fighting. This call is loud enough for use on windy days when other rattling systems simply are not powerful enough to successfully call in a buck. It’s constructed of a high-density plastic that creates the lifelike sound of bucks in combat when rattled together.

The best feature in my opinion is the easy and quite design. No longer do you need to worrying about that rattle bag spooking game on the hike in. The Knight & Hale Pack Rack Rattling System is compact and eliminates the chance of accidentally rattling when packed up. It comes in a smaller and Knight & Hale Rack Mag edition which is larger which creates a sound of the same nature.

This pioneering rattle system is my go to when the rut picks and can highly recommend it.