Product Reviews

Excalibur Bulldog 400

Bulldog Crossbow


  • Power and speed result in flatter trajectory and better penetration
  • Reliable high speed technology
  • Comfortable to shoot
  • Well balanced


  • Extra power = extra weight
  • Premium price tag
  • Heavy draw weight

Bottom Line

Tips & Tricks

Morning Hunt Tips


A number of hunters skip them but morning hunts offer a unique and advantageous hunting opportunity if approached correctly.

Here are some crossbow hunting tips that will help you to capitalize during those early morning hunts.

  1. Early Bird – Get to your hunting area early so you can take your time and sneak in quietly.  It’s always better to be in your stand a hour early than an hour late.
  2. Stealth Mode Turn off your truck/car radio before your park, dim your high beams, close doors quietly, and try to limit or reduce conversation to a whisper.
  3. Organization – Spend the day before getting all your gear ready to go. Nothing worse than scrambling to organize your gear in the morning,  only to realize once you’ve reached your stand that you forget something.
  4. Clear A Path – Try to clear a path to your crossbow stand that isn’t going to be too noisy (easier said than done, especially on a brisk fall morning with a forest floor covered in crunchy leafs).  You’ll never be a completely silent but moving slow or and mixing up your walking cadence should keep your game unsuspecting.
  5. Natures Noise – If there is a creek or river, you can walk nearby and use it to mask your noise.
  6. Scents Sense – You are never going to be 100% scent free but you can eliminate the majority of your body odor by having a shower (use unscented body wash/shampoo). Don’t forget to give your teeth a good brush, as your breath is one of the biggest sources of human scent.
  7. Big Gulps? – If you want to maximize your morning sit don’t drink too much of anything in the morning. Don’t dehydrate yourself but limit intake and stay away from caffeine.
  8. Breadcrumbs – Have your trail well marked so you don’t have to make unnecessary noise trying to find your way.
  9. Lights Down– Try to avoid shining your flash light directly into the brush and instead shine it at the ground, using the ambient light to guide you.
  10. Spooked Situation – If you recognize that you have spooked the animal wait and listen to for them to stop. Once they do, use a call and you may be able to fool them into thinking you were another deer.

Product Reviews

Excalibur Micro 355


When you're looking at power to weight ratio Excalibur’s Micro 355 is the KING OF ALL CROSSBOWS

Measuring only 22 wide inches while cocked its ultra compact stature is a the complete opposite past recurve stereotypes. In fact Micro is smaller than most compound crossbows as well, all while packing enough punch to bring down any big game in North America.

The Micro 355 also features an all new Featherlite stock for reduced overall weight in the field for quick and easy maneuverability. It also has power stroke of only 9.5 inches, which makes the Micro is easy to cock. Built off the CRT Matrix platform, the Micro is more durable than ever with its all new Gen II CRT Limb system, which improves limb efficiency resulting in unprecedented repeatability in accurate shooting. Here are the specs:

Product Spotlight

Browning OneSixTwo Crossbow


Browning OneSixTwo Crossbow is blazing fast at 370 FPS and packed with innovative features designed to improve shooting accuracy and crossbow usability.

The Browning OneSixTwo crossbow is the fastest of the two new models they introduced. Browning has brought the quality and innovation that has made their firearms so iconic to this new lineup. Both models come pre-assembled, and sighted-in right and ready for a crossbow hunt right out of the box.

At 370 FPS the Browning OneSixTwo has plenty of speed and comes packed with added features such as a built-in hidden crank cocking device, a TriggerTech Anti-Dry fire trigger and hardcover travel case to name a few. The crossbow also features a ton of other innovations designed to improve hunter success.

Product Spotlight

ATA 2016 TOP Crossbows


ATA 2016 delivered innovated new crossbows.

ATA 2016 Delivers Innovation

Here’s our Top Product Launches so far

Excalibur Crossbow

Micro 355

The Micro receives that little bit of extra power that crossbow hunters had been craving without losing the portability of the original. At 355 FPS and only 5.2 pounds this little bow will take down any big game on the menu.Micro_355-(900)

Bulldog Matrix 400

Excalibur brings the advanced features and technology used to engineer their Micro line and deliver a new 400 FPS work horse. The Bulldog Matrix delivers big time power in a new compact frame. It’s not only small than it’s 405 sibling but it also eliminates limb strain and cuts down on the draw weight.

Bulldog Matrix 400

Matrix Sapphire

Excalibur most popular crossbows has long been it’s Vixen model which had been specifically designed for smaller framed shooters. It’s been a awhile but they have finally come out with a upgraded and reenvisioned crossbow to take them to the next level. The Matrix Sapphire utilizes compact recurve technology to  deliver 305 FPS with a mild 200 lb draw weight. It’s light weight at only 5.5 pounds and features a compact frame that makes it extremely easy for anyone to maneuver.

Browning Crossbow

That right, the historic Browning brand is delivering a new line of crossbows to the market for 2016. Let’s hope they deliver the same level of quality to their archery division.

Browning Archery Crossbow

Bear Archery

The Bear is back in the crossbow market is a new high end compound crossbow. This new reverse draw crossbow will surely borrow the technologies Bear has fined tuned within their vertical bow market and we can’t wait to give it a try.

Bear Crossbow

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Always delivering innovation, TenPoint brought some serious new contenders to the field this year. Our favorite is the Carbon Nitro RDX. This high powered reverse draw crossbow delivers a perfectly balanced frame that pumps out a whopping 385 FPS. On top of that with bow is only 10 inches wide when cocked, making it ideal for any tight hunting situation.

TenPoint Crossbow Nitro RDX