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Best Food Plot for My Spot


Having perfect soil conditions for a food plot isn’t always the case.

In fact most of us have to simply make do with whatever conditions we have at our disposal. Whether it’s too much or too little sun or shade, acidic soil, cold temps, heat waves, or droughts. These are just some of the obstacles the average hunter has to overcome in order to establish a thriving food plot.

Luckily there a variety of plants and there’s usually one or two that will be perfect for your conditions. So here is a list that will help you pick out which is right for your spot.

Dry Soil
  • Best Plants – Chicory, Alfalfa, Red/Crimson Clover, Birdsfoot, Trefoil, Small Burnett
  • Plot Tip – Try planting on the northeast benches or slopes that don’t get scorched from afternoon sun.
Wet Soil
  • Best Plants – Annual Berseem, Crimson Clover, Perennial Ladino, White Dutch Clover, Brassicas, Rye
  • Plot Tip – Utilize sunny south-west facing slopes and till repeatedly to break down moist soil clumps.
Acidic Soil
  • Best Plants – Small Burnet, Chicory, Rye, Oats, Crimson, Clover, Bird’s-foot, Trefoil
  • Plot Tip – Try to use valley floors, creek bottoms, and low lying fields that will tend to have a lower pH value.
Heavy Shade
  • Best Plants – Brassicas, Small Burnet, Rye, New Zealand White Clover, Ladino, Berseem, Arrowleaf, and Crimson Clover
  • Plot Tip – Plant during clear weather to maximize what little sun you have
Cold Weather
  • Best Plants – Cereal Grains (Wheat, Oat, Rye), Brassicas
  • Plot Tip – After your plats grow 3-4 inches tall apply some additonal fertilizer (34-0-0, nitrogen) to give them a boost.