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Summer Food Plots


Time to plant those summer food plots.

There are many things you can do to get your property ready for planting those food plots. If you are someone who is serious about  hunting trophy bucks then there are some of the things you need to think about when preparing and planting your food plots.

  • When deciding where to plant you want to choose places away from property lines and public roads. This will decrease the chances of poaching.
  • You want to pick a site that will retain some moisture.
  • Pick a location and a size and shape for the plot

Tips & Tricks

No Food Plot! No Problem


Not everyone has the land, resources or time to invest in whitetail food plot. Don’t be discouraged if this is the case for your upcoming season because their are a lot of natural food sources that can offer you the same advantageous position.


Wingfeather Outfitters


Waterfowl - Canada Goose - Turkey - Whitetail Deer

Located outside of a small town in Ontario, Canada you’ll find Wingfeather Outfitters. These guides offer some of the most versatile and successful hunting north of the border.  At Wingfeather Outfitters they serve up a wide array of hunting options, all of which offer exceptional trophy opportunities.

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Winter Blind Hunting


Winter blind hunting is a great way to deal with the dropping temperatures, limited cover and changing animal behaviour.

During the fall hunt temperatures are dropping but for the most part your tactics aren’t going to change that much. However when winter begins it is going to mean shorter days, plummeting temperatures and significant changes in deer movement.

So what does this mean for your crossbow hunt. Well, for starters your hunts will be shortened due to exposure to the cold environment. Even the most well suited hunter won’t be able to handle a full day sit in freezing temps. There is however an excellent solution, the winter blind. These units have a lot of upside late in the season and here are a couple of the key reasons to consider them:


If it was just the cold it would be one thing, but one of winters biggest threats is the wind chill. Blinds block the wind and offer space to move around, store extra clothing, and even a small portable heater.


Setting up a blind is far easier, quitter, and quicker than hanging a stand.


Sometimes the only way to get a shot at a deer is to set up in a feed field itself, which you can do with a snow blind.

Blending in

A white blind has no visible outline against a white background. So as long as you don’t setup on top of a fields hill, there is little chance anything will be able to detect your presence.


Winter deer congregate around prime late-season food sources, which they typically enter from multiple directions. A snow blind gives you the mobility to keep up with the hottest trails or instantly react to other sign or sightings. And that’s how you can best zero in on late season bucks.

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Skull Hooker


After a successful crossbow hunt you’re often faced with a tough decision, especially if you have harvested an animal that you may want to mount. Do you go through the long and costly process of having the animal mounted by a taxidermist or do it yourself.

A once in a lifetime trophy might be worth the investment but what about those other trophies. European mounts are a great do it yourself alternative that can result in a high quality trophy. But you still have to mount it on something. That is where Skull Hooker comes into play.

Skull Hooker is the first professionally designed and fully adjustable European skull mounting bracket. It has the built in flexibility to showcase your trophy in multiple positions and will fit anywhere in your trophy room. Skull Hooker is has been engineered to be both sturdy and extremely stable when mounted in any of the multiple positions.

Whether you choose the table top setup or decided to mount it on a wall the Skull Hooker will keep your trophy safe. As an added benefit the unit’s wall-mounting bracket eliminates the need to drill holes into your trophy’s skull. This is because the mounting hook has been specially crafted to fit the crevices in the back of all animal skulls. This is an awesome feature if you choose to move your trophies around, or if you get others in the future. Instead of moving the entire mount you can simply swap them between various Skull hooker mounts in your room.

To further accommodate the wild game you’re hunting Skull Hooker brackets come in two different sizes, The Big Hooker or The Little Hooker.

  • The Little Hooker – smaller bracket designed specifically for small to mid-sized skulls including, all deer species, hogs, coyotes, alligator, black bear, cats and more.
  • The Big Hooker – larger bracket designed specifically for large to extra-large sized skulls including, elk, bison, moose, caribou, grizzly/brown/polar bear, domestic steer and other exotic larger game such as kudu, giraffe, cape buffalo and many more.

Both of these Skull Hooker mounting systems are quick to setup and come complete with all necessary hardware to secure your trophy. This company stands behind the product and offers a 100% return policy. Traditional mounts and taxidermy can look great but cannot match the flexibility, cost and functionality of the Skull Hooker.


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The Rut Players


To optimize your opportunities during the rut you need to understand who the rut players are and what parts they play during this period of the season.

The Rut Players


As mature does enter estrous late October to early they will begin trigger the craze that is the rut. Every buck in the area will be on a mission to chase her down, no matter what time of the day it is. If she doesn’t breed during the initial rut she will come into heat again in 28 days, during the second rut. If you can find the does during the rut, hold off because their is a good chance a buck isn’t far behind.


While not a major player during the rut some healthy fawns can actually breed during this time. If this occurs they will generally cycle later than a matrre doe, and are responsible for the bulk of the deer activity during this time.

Young Buck

They are very much active players during the seeking and chasing phases of the rut and if they a lucky they may even get a chance to breed is a dominate male isn’t nearby. If not they will just keep on moving which is why you’ll most likely see one of these guys cruising around. If they do breed it will be during the peak phase of the rut when the larger bucks cannot possibly tend to all the estrous does.

Mature Buck

Number one in hearts and our hit list this is the reason most of us are out there. During the rut mature bucks will be doing the majority of the breeding, and fighting which in turn make theses elusive animals a little easier to locate. It also makes this the most exciting time to crossbow hunt. During the peak of the rut these bucks will be very aggressive and can even pose a risk to hunters masking their scent in doe estrous. So if your creeping through the bush, keep your eyes pleeled, ears open and safety off.