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New for 2015

For 2015 Excalibur has launched a new line of crossbows designed to deliver their high end performance and reliability at a competitive price point. The Matrix Grizzly and Matrix Cub feature same Matrix innovation without compromising quality. So lets find out exactly what these two new crossbows deliver.

Excalibur Matrix Grizzly

The Grizzly delivers 305 FPS, using their narrow 200 pound CRT limbset that is only 30” wide. The crossbows short 11.5 inch power stroke makes it effortless to cock and its 33 inch long, 5.5 pound SMF composite frame make it extremely maneuverable in any tight hunting environments. The Grizzly comes in Mossy Oak Break-up Country camouflage.

Grizzly Crossbow Excalibur
Excalibur Matrix Grizzly Crossbow

It’s available in a package which will include:

  • Dead-Zone Scope
  • 1” rings,
  • Scope mount
  • Four-arrow quiver / bracket
  • Diablo arrows (4)
  • 150-grain field points (4)
  • Rope-cocking aid
CROSSBOW BREAKDOWN:    Excalibur Matrix Grizzly
FINISH   –    Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
SPEED   –    305 FPS
WEIGHT   –    5.5 lbs.
LENGTH   –    5.3 lbs.
WIDTH (Uncocked)   –    30.62″
WIDTH (Cocked)   –    25.37″
DRAW WEIGHT   –    200 lbs.
POWER STROKE   –    11.5″

Excalibur Matrix Cub

With the Matrix Cub Excalibur has finally engineered a crossbow specifically designed for crossbow hunters with a smaller frame. By utilizing a shorter stock and lighter weight of only 5.5 pounds, this economical crossbow is an excellent choice both younger or female crossbow hunters. The crossbow features Excaliburs CRT limb system and pumps out 285 FPS. plenty power for North Americas largest game. The Matrix Cub is offered in textured black finish, making it ideal for blind hunters as well. It’s biggest advantage is it’s price point which is unheard of for a crossbow of this quality.

Cub Crossbow Excalibur
Excalibur Cub Crossbow

It’s available in a package which will include:

CROSSBOW BREAKDOWN:    Excalibur Matrix Cub
FINISH   –    Textured Black Tact
SPEED   –    285 FPS
WEIGHT   –    33.2″
LENGTH   –    32.2″
WIDTH (Uncocked)   –    30.62″
WIDTH (Cocked)   –    25.37″
DRAW WEIGHT   –    190 lbs.
POWER STROKE   –    11.5″

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