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Rinehart Crossbow Targets


Rinehart crossbow targets are considered by many to be the best archery targets in the world and have long been a go to for crossbow hunters. Now Rinehart has come out with a line targets specifically designed for the crossbow shooter. Built to with stand both field point and broadhead punishment from the fastest crossbows the only thing you’ll have to worry about is picking the right one.

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X2 Grizzly Crossbow Targets

HIPS X2 Grizzly Crossbow Targets Are Tough

Hips Archery has developed a line of crossbow targets with incredible stopping power called the  X2 Grizzly.  This crossbow target utilizes high density endurance foam that is specifically designed so these targets can continuously absorb shots from your high-speed bow. X2 Grizzlytechnology is compatible with crossbow broadheads and is also forgiving has it allows for has easy bolt removal. Its large enough that you will feel comfortable sighting in those longer shots but is light enough (only 9 pounds) to that you can easily move it around for different shooting angles.

Target Highlights: HIPS X2 Grizzly

  • Broadhead and field point compatible
  • Six-sided shooting offers 66% more shooting surface than traditional bag targets.
  • Will stop bolts fast, protesting fletching.
  • For bows up to 90 lbs with standard diameter shaft arrows

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MEGABOOM STS Target System

MEGABOOM STS is a fun way to practice your crossbow skills while making some big time noise at the same time.

The MEGABOOM STS Target System consists of a base which is basically a pressurizing device that allows you to pump air into standard 1 or 2 liter plastic soft drink or water bottles. Once pressurized you simply set up the target and take a shot.

If you hit it you’re going to be in for a boom, of the supersonic variety. The impact of your crossbow bolt will cause the bottle to rip open at supersonic speed, resulting in a small Sonic Boom (up to 150 DB) and can be heard for up to three-quarters of a mile.

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SpyderWeb Crossbow Targets


The fastest crossbows on the market today surpass 400 FPS with easy.

High speed crossbows offer a huge advantage for hunters as it increases penetration and flattens the arch of your bolts trajectory. However it isn’t without out it disadvantages. The biggest issue has to do with target shooting.

Most targets nowadays aren’t designed to stop bolts moving at 400+ FPS but if they do it’s often extremely difficult to extract them. Surely, I’m not the only one you has damaged or broken a bolt while trying to pull it from a target. Luckily for us, the line of ST crossbow targets from SpyderWeb targets has risen to the challenge of today’s modern crossbow.

These targets are one of the few on the market that can stop a bolt moving at 400 FPS with ease. On top of that they have been engineered to allow for easy bolt or arrow removal. ST Crossbow targets can also stand up to the incredible punishment dealt out by high speed crossbow.

Using what they call Spylar technology, their targets are self healing and double stuffed. They advertise that their target can take up to 55,000 shots which is probably a best case scenario. Even if you get half of that you’re going to be well ahead of the game. On top of all of that, these targets are weather resistant and made in the good old USA.

The only drawback is they are designed for field points only. So if you’re shooting a fixed blade broadhead you will probably want to practice on a compatible target. However, I would still recommend using this one to site your bow most of the way and then fine tune it with the fixed blade broadhead on something else. This will save to time and efforts trying to extract them.

So if you’re sick of fighting to get your bolt/arrows out of your target or just upgraded to a new high speed bow the ST Crossbow target will be worth a look. It’ll save you time, effort, and broken bolts.

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Bone Collector Double Duty Target


Bone Collector Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Target Does The Job

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