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Trijicon ACOG XB


The Trijicon ACOG XB Crossbow Scope is compact, lightweight, rugged, and battery-free. Utilizing the same platform as the traditional ACOG, this crossbow optic is tough, accurate, and reliable.

The Trijicon ACOG XB Crossbow Scope is compact, lightweight, rugged, and battery-free. Utilizing the same platform as the traditional ACOG, this crossbow optic is tough, accurate, and reliable. The reticle is  lluminated in any light by fiber optics and tritium, has bolt drop compensation lines and features a built-in ranging reference system.

Trijicon Scope Crossbow

Product Spotlight

Browning OneSixTwo Crossbow


Browning OneSixTwo Crossbow is blazing fast at 370 FPS and packed with innovative features designed to improve shooting accuracy and crossbow usability.

The Browning OneSixTwo crossbow is the fastest of the two new models they introduced. Browning has brought the quality and innovation that has made their firearms so iconic to this new lineup. Both models come pre-assembled, and sighted-in right and ready for a crossbow hunt right out of the box.

At 370 FPS the Browning OneSixTwo has plenty of speed and comes packed with added features such as a built-in hidden crank cocking device, a TriggerTech Anti-Dry fire trigger and hardcover travel case to name a few. The crossbow also features a ton of other innovations designed to improve hunter success.

Fun StuffProduct Spotlight

Skull Hooker


After a successful crossbow hunt you’re often faced with a tough decision, especially if you have harvested an animal that you may want to mount. Do you go through the long and costly process of having the animal mounted by a taxidermist or do it yourself.

A once in a lifetime trophy might be worth the investment but what about those other trophies. European mounts are a great do it yourself alternative that can result in a high quality trophy. But you still have to mount it on something. That is where Skull Hooker comes into play.

Skull Hooker is the first professionally designed and fully adjustable European skull mounting bracket. It has the built in flexibility to showcase your trophy in multiple positions and will fit anywhere in your trophy room. Skull Hooker is has been engineered to be both sturdy and extremely stable when mounted in any of the multiple positions.

Whether you choose the table top setup or decided to mount it on a wall the Skull Hooker will keep your trophy safe. As an added benefit the unit’s wall-mounting bracket eliminates the need to drill holes into your trophy’s skull. This is because the mounting hook has been specially crafted to fit the crevices in the back of all animal skulls. This is an awesome feature if you choose to move your trophies around, or if you get others in the future. Instead of moving the entire mount you can simply swap them between various Skull hooker mounts in your room.

To further accommodate the wild game you’re hunting Skull Hooker brackets come in two different sizes, The Big Hooker or The Little Hooker.

  • The Little Hooker – smaller bracket designed specifically for small to mid-sized skulls including, all deer species, hogs, coyotes, alligator, black bear, cats and more.
  • The Big Hooker – larger bracket designed specifically for large to extra-large sized skulls including, elk, bison, moose, caribou, grizzly/brown/polar bear, domestic steer and other exotic larger game such as kudu, giraffe, cape buffalo and many more.

Both of these Skull Hooker mounting systems are quick to setup and come complete with all necessary hardware to secure your trophy. This company stands behind the product and offers a 100% return policy. Traditional mounts and taxidermy can look great but cannot match the flexibility, cost and functionality of the Skull Hooker.


Product SpotlightTechnology

ProTracker Recovery System


ProTracker recovery system allows crossbow hunters can take advantage of next generation technology.

The ProTracker game recovery system allows crossbow hunters to track animals that may have been lost otherwise. Not only will this allow you to recover mortally wounded game but it will also allow you to track wounded animals and put them down, avoiding long term suffering.

Unlike some systems on the market ProTracker is compatible with crossbows and is extremely easy to use. However, a major source of concern is always how the unit will affect flight. The ProTracker design is completely to be balanced and aerodynamic. In fact the transmitter carrier which weighs only 100 grain. For high speed crossbows this additional weight won’t be an issue.

To use the ProTracker you simply thread one end of the carrier into your bolt. You then thread your broadhead into the opposing end of the carrier and that’s it. Now, you will want to take a couple practice shots to dial in the extra weight, but ProTracker includes practice dummies just for this purpose. After your setup it’s time to go hunting.

Once you take your shot, the transmitter will disconnect from the carrier on impact and will be attached to the animal. The transmitter is automatically active after it comes disconnected and begins relaying a RF signal which last 10-12 hours. You then use your receiver unit to pinpoint the direction of the signal and recover the animal.

ProTracker System Includes:

  • 2 – RF Transmitters
  • 3 – Transmitter Carrier
  • 1 – Tracking RF Reciever
  • 1- Antenna
  • 2 – Practice Dummies
  • 1 – Transmitter Charger
  • 1 – USB Cable for Charger
  • 1 – USB Edison Plug

A lot of hunters consider this technology excessive or unnecessary for a skilled tracker. However, even the most skilled tracker can’t recover an animal suffering from a misplaced shot that lacks sufficient blood trail or rainy day that washes out what trail is left. The only thing worse than not recovering a trophy, is recovering it after it’s gone to waste.

If the technology exists to make hunting more enjoyable and more humane for the animal, use it.

Product SpotlightTechnology

Summit 180 Max SD: Climb in Comfort


Climbing stands give hunters the elevation and mobility they need to stay one step ahead of their game. However more often than not they are designed for function at the expense of comfort. Or if the stand is built larger, the added weight of the unit will cripple the hunter’s mobility.

Summit  has delivered the best of both worlds with its 180 Max SD climbing stand.

This model has additional space for larger hunters or those who crave added room without a significant increase in amount of stand weight. In fact this larger model only weighs 23 LBS, only 3 LBS more than Summits legendary Viper SD.

The 180 Max SD is designed for flexible positioning, and is equipped with an adjustable-height, reversible surround seat that allows you to sit facing the tree or reversed with the seat against the tree. The seat, backrest, and wrap around pads all come in Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camouflage.  It also features precision welded aluminum, and an extended-top frame for taller hunters. Or if you’re concerned about weight restrictions the 180 Max SD is equipped with a 350-pound maximum weight capacity.

This climber also features Summit’s Dead Metal Sound Deadening SD Technology which is a system in which critical parts of the platform are filled with custom engineered expanding foam to reduce unintentional noises caused by movement on the platform. You will also benefit from Summits RapidClimb climbing stirrups and their QuickDraw Cable retention system which is one of the fastest/quietest cable attachment systems on the market. This system is also extremely flexible, allowing this stand to fit tree sizes from 8 to 20 inches in diameter.

The 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand includes a 4-point safety harness, all hardware, ropes, and straps as well as Summit’s Five Year Limited Warranty.

So if you’re in the market for a new climber and thinking a little extra room might come in handy for those long sits the Summit 180 Max SD should be on your short list.

Product SpotlightTechnology

SPYPOINT SMART Camera: Brains & Brawn

Trail camera technology has revolutionized hunting big game but actually using that technology if often very difficult. Most cameras require the hunter to spend time learning how to program and configure settings before they can deploy them in the field. SPYPOINT is changing that with the introduction of their new intelligent SMART trail camera.

Instead of having to program a trail camera before you take it into the field, the SMART camera comes already configured with predetermined settings. Of course those presets can be changed later but there is no initial setup required. It comes with simplified one touch wheel interface that allows you to control the camera with a single action. You just turn the camera on, set it to video or pictures, and walk away.

What makes it is so easy to use compared to other units. This innovative camera utilizes their Intelligent Triggering Technology (I.T.T.), which allows the camera to analyze movements and capture better photos and videos. It does this by monitoring the animals movements and not just simply taking photos/videos, but using the movement to modify how often an image is taken or how long of a video is recorded. This not only improves the images that are captured but it reduces the wasted images taken which in turn save battery life and time spent sorting through empty files.

The SPYPOINT SMART trail camera is perfect for anyone that isn’t technologically inclined or rather spend more time out in the field than sitting around configuring their cameras. Don’t forget that now matter how good the technology is, setting up this camera properly is still the key to attaining the best images possible. Here are some tips that will help you do just that.


PHOTO   –    10 MP
VIDEO –     480 P
# LEDs   –    36
LED TYPE   –    Invisible
BATTERIES   –    6 – AA
POWER JACK (12V)   –    YES