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Top 5 Trail Camera Tips


A Trail Camera is an invaluable scouting tool for all hunters that give you edge which is why it is important to ensure yours can perform to the best of its ability.

  1. Power Up. Lithium batteries perform better but are considerably more expensive than their alkaline cousins. Also, be aware that some off brand batteries and particularly rechargeable batteries will not last as long as a better quality alkaline (Duracell is an excellent choice). Depending on your ability to access the camera you will want to consider this before investing in one or the other. You may also consider hooking your camera to a larger 12v battery or utilizing solar power to keep the charge. Just be sure your camera is compatible.
  2. Organize those pics. Even if you only have one trail camera you could be looking at thousands of pictures in a year. By setting up folders with dates and then naming the files with the deer recognize, you will be able to better use all that collected intelligence. This will come in handy if you want to keep better tabs on deer population in your area. Their is some new software from DeerLab that can help out as well.
  3. Approach like a hunter. Don’t spook the deer while setting up or checking your camera. There are two schools of thought. You can sneak in and try to make as little noise as possible in order to not spook the deer. Or you can drive in an ATV or other tractor equipment that the animals in your area may already be familiar with. The sounds of this equipment will alert the deer you are their but not frighten them in way that they may feel pressured. If your lucky enough to have a cellular enabled trail camera you only have to go in once to set it up so your one step ahead of the game.
  4. Bring them in. Setting up on a rub line or established trail yields good trail cam result but if you want to maximize the images on your camera setup a bait pile, mineral lick or plant a food plot to attract deer right in front of your camera. Alternatively you can also trying setting up a man made watering hole if your hunting in a dry environment.
  5. Camera placement. Try to aim the lens of the camera so it’s pointing north or south. By doing this you can avoid the annoying glare will distort images or accidentally trigger your camera.  You can also try placing your camera higher in a tree and then aiming it down. This will keep your gear out of sight of other hunters which is important if your land is public or near public land. It will also give you an optimal viewing angle, especially if you want to capture every tine on that trophy rack.

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LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter

LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter

LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter helps save time and takes the guess work out of sighting in a your bow.

Constructed from tough T6 aluminum, the laser bore sight comes in a sleek red finish and is compatible with any crossbow in the market. To use it you simply set the sighter in your crossbows flight groove and turn it on use its roll switch. Powered by three 393 batteries the unit has enough juice to last up to 1.5 hours of continuous use which is plenty of time to get the job done.

This product will save you time and money especially when you factor the potential for lost or damage bolts during an initial scope setup.

Product SpotlightTechnology

G5 HAVOC – Crossbow Edition

Built to withstand the forces of a crossbow, the G5 Havoc will ravage anything it it's path.

The Havoc is G5’s premiere two-bladed broadhead and this year they’ve delivered a model specifically for crossbows.  It uses their Dual Trap retention system which offers durability of an all steel collar and the reliability of an elastic ring. Here are the specs:

Havoc Crossbow Edition Specs

  • 100 Grains
  • 2″ Cutting Diameter
  • .030″ Stainless Steel German Lutz Blades
  • Dual Trap Blade Retention System

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Killer Instinct MACHINE


At 385 FPS the Killer Instinct MACHINE is a force to be dealt with and is also the first crossbow to offer TriggerTech’s precision trigger technology.

Killer Instinct’s new MACHINE crossbow is an awesome combination of compact capability and high speed performance. It delivers two brand new features that we’ve never seen before in a crossbow.

  1. TriggerTech’s renowned trigger technology, providing a single-stage, 2-pound trigger with zero creep and precision performance.
  2. Integrated QUIK-FOLD Stock Technology for improved portability and storage.

The Killer Instrinct MACHINE also features a CNC machined riser and flight barrel, front and rear Picatinny rails for accessory mounting, SureSafe anti-dry fire system and Vibration Deadening String Stoppers. It is capable of max speeds of 385 feet per second and has a respectable draw weight of 185-pounds. It comes standard with Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camouflage, a 4×32 multi-reticle scope, G5 quiver, three bolts, rope cocking aid and rail lube. This is the kind of crossbow innovation that personally can’t wait to get my hands on. Check out these specs:

SPEED   –    385 FPS
WEIGHT   –    6.8 LBS
LENGTH   –    34″ (25.5″ Folded)
WIDTH (Cocked)   –    14.5″
WIDTH (Uncocked)   –    18.5″
DRAW WEIGHT   –    185 LBS
POWER STROKE   –    14.5″

Product SpotlightTechnology

Droppin Tom Bombs


Flying Arrow Archerys Tom Bomb turkey broadhead is the ultimate gobbler getter.

Flying Arrow Archery was founded in 2012 and since then they’ve been releasing some of the most innovative broadheads on the market. Their latest creation the Tom Bomb features three single beveled edge blades that are surgically sharp that work together to create flight stabilization and accuracy.

The blades have a segment leading cutting diameter along with a hefty chisel tip for added devastation. This fixed blade broadhead comes two styles the standard 125 grain model with a 2.5″ cutting diameters and the extreme 100 grain model that features a 3.5″ cutting diameter.

Either are an excellent choice for all crossbow hunters trying to bag a gobbler this season. Just make sure your using a bolt that will clear your stirrup with ease.