Tips & Tricks

6 Top Turkey Tips


If you’re going to be blast bolt at gobblers this spring here are my the Top 6 Turkey Tips.

  1. Broadhead. Try a broadhead designed specifically for turkey hunting in order to preserve meat and optimize your success rate.
  2. Camouflage. Wear camoflague that blends into your background and keeps you comfortable during the wildly unpredictable spring weather.
  3. Closer. Make sure you draw those gobblers in as close as possible so you can put a confident shot right where you want it.
  4. Targets. Practice on a small target and try to replicate taking that same shot you would on the animal.
  5. Decoy it. Setup your turkey decoys at your effective range to fix an individual or entire flock’s position.
  6. Practice the shot. To mimic your hunting setup practice shooting from a hunting stool, a standing position, or on the ground.

Product Spotlight

Magnus Bullhead


Engineered to withstand the rigors of the fastest crossbow on the market while attaining optimal accuracy, the Magnus Bullheads has established itself as a favorite among crossbow turkey hunters. It’s unique blade is designed specifically for head or neck kill shots and has been aerodynamically crafted to achieve the best possible flight characteristics in it’s class. Magnus offers a complete turkey hunting crossbow kit (broadhead, bolts, fletching) or the broadheads in the 3 pack variations listed below.

Tips & Tricks

Turkey Setup Tactics


Your hunting setup is all about preference but if you want to succeed you need to know which one is inline with your strenghts.

When crossbow hunting for turkeys your setup is going to vary greatly based on personal preference. If you know where a flock of turkeys prefers to spend time and have the ability to setup a blind without them seeing you, then this is a great option. Some people consider turkeys more forgiving than deer in a quick set up scenario as they don’t appear to be as aggravated by a new blind in their territory.


Wingfeather Outfitters


Waterfowl - Canada Goose - Turkey - Whitetail Deer

Located outside of a small town in Ontario, Canada you’ll find Wingfeather Outfitters. These guides offer some of the most versatile and successful hunting north of the border.  At Wingfeather Outfitters they serve up a wide array of hunting options, all of which offer exceptional trophy opportunities.

Tips & Tricks

Pit Blind Hunting


Pit blinds are great way to sneak up on big game if you know how to set them up properly.

Pit blind hunting is new to a lot of big game hunters because most of us have gotten used to crossbow hunting out of treestands, pop-up blinds, or simply in cover. However, pit blinds are another great option which are rarely used or advertised (probably because they’re free).

So what is a pit blind? A pit blind is basically a fancy term for a shallow hole (fox hole in army terms) in the ground that a gives the hunter low lying, out of sight hunting position. Making one is simple, cheap and relatively quick to setup. Here are how you can get started..

  1. Your going to need tools, for a pit blind that means a digging gear (shovel, pick axe, ect)
  2. Find a hunting spot with good background cover to help hide your silhouette.
  3. Keep the wind and sun in mind. Obviously you want the wind in your favor but it’s also important to keep the sun behind you as shadows cast by any background cover will help keep you hidden.
  4. Once you’ve chosen that perfect spot, get digging. For a single crossbow hunter you will want to make a hole comparable to the width, length, and depth of a bath tube.
  5. While digging be sure to pile the dirt up around the outside of the pit. This will add depth to give you cover. Just remember to leave few opening in your piles of dirt for shooting lanes.
  6. Finally, throw some brush, leaves, grass, or branches on top of the surrounding dirt pile to make it blend it to the surrounding area and hide that fresh dirt. If your want to spend the time you can build a roof for it as well.

Once your done the pit you can set a stool or lawn chair for added comfort. Now your ready to hunt.

Just keep in mind that for most hunters, shooting a crossbow from this angle will be completely new. Remember that your bolts will be flying up into the animal and therefore you should aim a little lower depending on how close your target is. Also, keep your crossbow bolts trajectory in mind and take a couple practice shots from this setup, before you hunt it.