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Walking Dead Made Crossbows Cool

Walking Dead Crossbow Toys
Walking Dead Crossbow Daryl Dixon Toy

Daryl Dixon, the crossbow wielding character from the zombie filled TV series the Walking Dead has made crossbows cool.

Not that they weren’t before, but outside the fraternity of hunters they had a very different place in mainstream culture.  Crossbows were still seen as a bizarre medieval weapon found in movies, museums and the odd renaissance fair. While crossbow popularity had been on the rise the latest rendition of a zombie apocalypse has taken their mainstream appeal to a new level.

Why is this important?

  • First, crossbow hunting is no different than any other sport in that its sustained growth is rooted in the youth of today. These kids who are now interested in the sport will then eventually grow up and introduce others, such as their friends or kids to it.
  • Second, crossbow hunting in many states/provinces/countries has been hampered by rules and regulations. The increase in the user base and exposure to the populous will help hunters influence politicians, which should contribute to the elimination of these restrictions.
  • Third, increased popularity has already translated into increased sales. These sales are allowing companies to invest more into the research and development of better crossbows. This also has a spillover effect to other hunting products as crossbow hunters purchase a lot of the same equipment as vertical bow users.
  • Finally, it’s important because crossbow hunting is extremely accessible for new bow hunters or people who don’t have the time to properly practice with a vertical bow. This is vital to the overall growth of hunting as a sport, because people don’t have as much time as they used to and crossbows don’t require much time to setup/practice.So next time you’re at your local store take a look around and see who’s cruising around the crossbow section. Last time I did the most interested customers had a parent with them and had their sights set on a Daryl Dixon style, blacked out compound crossbow.

    Who would have guessed that key bringing crossbow popularity to the mainstream was a squirrel eating, redneck biker, with a bad attitude? I guess throwing in a zombie apocalypse never hurts.

FUN FACT: Darly Dixons crossbow is a Horton Scout HD 125