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TenPoint Lady Shadow a Maneater


Women are entering the sport in record numbers and TenPoint has come up with the perfect crossbow for them.


Shadow Ultra Light Crossbow

While the Lady Shadow has a MossyOak counterpart we’ll focus on this version as it’s quickly established itself as the most lethal female crossbow on the market. By utilizing a carbon-injected polymer barrel and their FSB stock, the Lady Shadow weighs in at a mere 6.4-pound, making it the lightest crossbow TenPoint has ever designed.

TenPoint Crossbow ACU Draw

The crossbow takes advantage of TenPoint unique Xtreme Limb Technology to keep reduce the units size without affecting the power output.. The Lady Shadow measures only 34.4 inches long and 13.5-inches from axle-to-axle hen cocked. TenPoint uses IsoTaper Limbs that are double laminated for improved strength and durability. In addition the limbs are equipped with MRX™ cams and D-75 string and cables that deliver consistent power through every stroke.

TenPoint Lady Shadow Crossbow

These features make the Lady Shadow much easier to wield and more comfortable to hold steady in a shooting position. Unlike lighter crossbows marketed to women this one has some serious punch. The Lady Shadow is powered by TenPoints compact XLT bow assembly which powers unit to 350 FPS. With a draw weight around 180 LBS, that is an incredible amount of speed generated from the crossbow.

TenPoint Crossbow Trigger

The Lady Shadow definitely gives new meaning to “shoot like a girl”. In fact I’d bet there are a couple guys out there that would trade up to this unit in a heartbeat, MuddyGirl camo and all.

CROSSBOW BREAKDOWN:    TenPoint Lady Shadow
SPEED   –    350 FPS
WEIGHT   –    6.5 LBS
LENGTH   –    34.4″
WIDTH (Cocked)   –    13.5″
WIDTH (Uncocked)   –    17.5″
DRAW WEIGHT   –    180 LBS
POWER STROKE   –    12.6″
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Tenpoint Lady Shadow