The Anti-Dry Fire Guardian


Dry firing your crossbow can and often does result in disaster.

Without having a crossbow bolt to absorb the forces generated by your limbs, they will have to take on the added recoil. This usually results in instant or systematic mechanical failure, as your crossbow isn’t designed to absorb this additional strain. In the past this was an accepted hazard that crossbow shooters had to be constantly aware of. In case you did accidentally dry fire your crossbow there was no room for error, or safety to prevent this costly mistake.

In order to give us all some piece of mind and better protect your investment Excalibur has built the “Guardian” Anti-Dry-Fire system to prevent dry firing. In the event the crossbow is fired without an arrow, the Guardian system catches the string, preventing the crossbow from dry firing. The unit is conveniently self-contained inside your crossbows scope mount and features a built-in release so, at the end of your day you can easily de-cock the crossbow without using an arrow.

If you’re buying a Matrix series crossbow from Excalibur you maybe in luck as the Guardian is standard on most Matrix models. If not, the Guardian is compatible and easy to install on all other Excalibur crossbow models.