Tips & Tricks

Top 10 Treestand Tips


These Top 10 Treestand Tips will help put you in position to claim trophy success this season.

1. Location Location Location

Nothing is more important than your stand location so think about local game movement, feeding habitats, crop rotations, water access, wind patterns and other natural elements that might make a stand location perfect.

2. Thick Cover

No matter how much camouflage you’re wearing or what the pattern is you still need enough cover around you to break up your silhouette. Situate your treestand in a tree with some additional branches or a fork to help you blend in or one that may have a number of foliage rich trees behind you that will do the same.

3. Elevation Isn’t Everything

Don’t get caught up on going a high up a tree as possible because you really don’t need to be 20 feet up a tree to be out of an animal’s line of site. This is especially true is your in thick brush.  In that situation elevation will more often than not limit your options and reduce shooting lanes.

4. Options

Even if you only hunt a small area make sure you have different stands to account for different wind conditions. This will allow you to keep hunting the same area but reduce the chances of being winded by an incoming trophy.

5. Get In & Get Out Quietly

What’s the point of having a perfect treestand if you can’t get to it without making a done of noise or crossing through an area where your game maybe feeding or bedding. Spending a little time cleaning up and trimming the trail to your stand could pay off big time when the season arrives.

6. Noise Reduction

Before you take it out into the field setup your stand in the backyard and find out if it’s making any additional noises that could leave you busted. You can use bike tubes, duct tape, pipe insulation and a number of other cheap solutions to improve your stand stealth.

7. Scent Reduction

That new treestand smell isn’t something you’re going to want step upwind of your spot. If you have a new stand or store your existing stand in a place with unnatural odors then be sure to wipe it down before taking it into the field. You can you any scent eliminator product, a homemade remedy (baking soda/ water) or just let it hang outside for a couple days.

8. Practice Hanging Around

Try hanging or climbing in your treestand a couple times before heading out on a hunt. This will help you work out the kinks with the treestands and help you become quicker and quitter at getting up or down the tree. It will also help you determine your most comfortable position so you’re not fidgeting around while out in the woods.

Learn To Say No

Not hunting that perfect stand can sometimes be the best thing you can do, especially if conditions aren’t in your favor. Otherwise you could potential spook a trophy animal to the point where they stop frequenting the area. This is why it’s important to have other options over the same spot or elsewhere.

Safety First

Sometimes safety is the last thing on our mind when were focused on a hunt but it should always be considered first. Check your treestand to ensure it’s in good shape before taking it into the field. Don’t climb or hand your stand on dead or questionably tree. And always wear your safety harness.