Tips & Tricks

Top Food Plot Plants


Tips & Tricks

Top Food Plot Plants

Picking the right food plot plants can be a little confusing. Whether your new to food plots, looking to try something new or an experienced cultivator this brief guide should offer some great insight into what plants you might consider.


  • Deer Like It: High-Protein that’s available most of the year
  • Hunters Like It: Clover plots can last 3-5 years with proper maintenance
  • Drawbacks: Requires good soil prep and maintenance. Optimal if trimmed 2-3 times per season
  • Best For: Hunting or Nutrition
  • Life Cycle: Perennial


  • Deer Like It: Early summer and fall food source. Excellent late winter forage
  • Hunters Like It: Early and inexpensive to plant. Round-up- varieties available which make weed control easy
  • Drawbacks: Not as attractive to deer for several weeks after green foliage turns yellow
  • Best For: Nutrition
  • Life Cycle: Annual


  • Deer Like It: High-card food source, especially during late fall and winter. Offers cover
  • Hunters Like It: Readily available and inexpensive: Round-up ready varieties make weed control easily manageable
  • Drawbacks: Requires a seed drill to plant in volume. Minimal attraction for deer in early season
  • Best For: Nutrition
  • Life Cycle: Annual


  • Deer Like It: Young shoots are easily digestible and highly attractive
  • Hunters Like It: Easy food plot to establish; requires minimal soil prep and little moisture
  • Drawbacks: Poor late season attraction in colder climates
  • Best For: Hunting
  • Life Cycle: Annual


  • Deer Like It: Tender early in season and again in winter if available.
  • Hunters Like It: Readily available, inexpensive, easy to plant and maintain.
  • Drawbacks: Can lose its attraction if not kept cropped.
  • Best For: Hunting Plots
  • Life Cycle: Annual