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Wac’Em Crossbow Broadheads


Wac'Em has established itself as a quality American made broadhead company and now they've added two new outstanding crossbow broadheads to their lineup.

The first of the new Wac’Em crossbow broadheads is their fixed 3 blade model which utilizes rugged materials and a dependable design to provide consistently tight groupings. The second is a new expandable crossbow broadhead which can withstand the torque of the fastest crossbows on the market and unleash a devastating 2 inch cut on impact. Which of these you choose comes down to personal preference and which of the characteristics listed below that you prefer.

Wac’em Crossbow BROADHEADS: Fixed Blade

The Wac’Em Fixed blade crossbow broadhead is a 3 blade, multi piece broadhead which features a high quality aluminum ferrule and heavier duty .03 inch stainless steel blades. These blades can be stone sharpened or completely replaced if required. The broadhead features a 1.25 inch cutting diameter which allows you to maintain optimal flight characteristics while still opening a significant wound channel. Made in the USA and sold in packages of 4, this is an excellent fixed blade crossbow broadhead for all North American game.

Wacem crossbow broadhead

BROADHEAD BREAKDOWN:    Wac’em Crossbow Fixed Blade
BLADE TYPE  :    Mechanical
# BLADES  :  3
CUT DIAMETER  :    1.25″
TOTAL CUT (Surface Area)  :    1.86″
Blade Thickness: .03″
Grains: 100 & 125


Wac’em Crossbow BROADHEADS: Expandable

The Wac’Em 3 blade mechanical crossbow broadhead is both super accurate and extremely dangerous to anything it comes in contact with. It’s ultra sharp .034 inch stain less steel blades expand to create a 2 inch cutting diameter that is sure to not only take down anything in its path but also down it quickly. As a mechanical it offers optimal aerodynamic performance to ensure field tip like flight characteristics and has been engineered to withstand the additional release torque of high speed crossbows. This reduces the risk and worry of premature deployment while ensuring it will hit it’s mark. Like all offer Wac’Em broadheads this model is sold in packages of 4 and made in the USA.

Wac'em crossbow broadhead

BLADE TYPE  :    Mechanical
# BLADES  :    3
TOTAL CUT (Surface Area)  :    3″
Blade Thickness: .034″
Grains: 125