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WASP Crossbow Boss Broadhead


The WASP Crossbow Boss broadhead is truly lethal, focusing on precision accuracy, aerodynamics and bone cracking penetration .

The WASP Crossbow Boss broadhead uses a fixed 3 blade design with a 1-1/8” cutting diameter. The vented blades are razor sharp, robust and offer reliable flight characteristics. It also uses a shorter ferrule to create an aerodynamic shape that will translate into tighter target grouping. To tip the unit WASP added the most durable trocar tip on the market. This will greatly improves your ability to penetrate big game and attain a pass through.

While these crossbow blades are tough WASP also offers Crossbow Boss Replacement Blades that will fit your Crossbow Boss Broadheads. Each pack contains 3 sets of replacement blades and are a cost effective solution to get you back in the hunt.

While broadheads with larger blades and fancy mechanical system are appealing, don’t forget that accuracy should be a number one priority. The Crossbow Boss focuses on broadhead fundamentals and excels in every category.

BLADE TYPE  :    Fixed
# BLADES  :    3
CUT DIAMETER  :    1-1/8”
TOTAL CUT (Surface Area)  :    1.7″
WASP Crossbow Boradhead