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Wicked Tree Ultra Light Saw


The Wicked Tree Ultra Light Saw makes quick work of hunting prep.

If you think opening day is the start of any hunting season then you’re already one step behind your quarry. Scouting, set-up and trimming out lanes before the season begins are just as vital to your success.

As most deer hunters know the majority of this prep happens in the summer and can be challenging if you have to hike in heavy prep equipment during those excessive temperatures. That is why Wicked Tree Gear Ultra Light has developed a new Ultra Light pole saw that is a lighter 10 or 14 foot version of their original Wicked Pole saw. It also includes a unique hunter designed feature that allows you to detach the high carbon steel saw blade and handle to use as a hand saw.

This pole saw is easy to assemble/disassemble thanks to the innovative ultra-lock connection, and thanks to the aluminum pole assembly is extremely easy to maneuver in tight brush. It’s built with the same quality we’ve come to know from Wicked Tree and best of all it’s made in the USA.