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Striker Climate Bibs

Whether Your Hunting or Ice Fishing ICE Safety Is Priority

Crossing frozen waterways during a late season crossbow hunt can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. In the same way a safety harness must be worn climbing a tree a flotation system msut be used on uncharted frozen waterways.

Few hunters have taken this precaution in the past because there haven’t been options that doesn’t stick out or get in our way. Now with the advanced flotation suits designed by Striker you can stay safe on the safe without it affecting your ability to hunt or ice fish.

Specifically their rugged Climate Bibs are an excellent option for those looking to wear something under their camo. The Striker Climate bib comes with flotation assist and a removable liner which allows you to continue using it through different temps and seasons. It offers more hunter friendly features than any comparable flotation suit on the market and is essential equipment if your traveling over ice.

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Excalibur Micro 355


When you're looking at power to weight ratio Excalibur’s Micro 355 is the KING OF ALL CROSSBOWS

Measuring only 22 wide inches while cocked its ultra compact stature is a the complete opposite past recurve stereotypes. In fact Micro is smaller than most compound crossbows as well, all while packing enough punch to bring down any big game in North America.

The Micro 355 also features an all new Featherlite stock for reduced overall weight in the field for quick and easy maneuverability. It also has power stroke of only 9.5 inches, which makes the Micro is easy to cock. Built off the CRT Matrix platform, the Micro is more durable than ever with its all new Gen II CRT Limb system, which improves limb efficiency resulting in unprecedented repeatability in accurate shooting. Here are the specs:

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Pine Ridge Crossbow Dampeners & Vanes

Pine Ridge Archery engineered products a designed to help crossbow bolt vanes to be easy to apply and is engineered to help arrows fly like a dart, increasing down range accuracy.

Wishbone String and Cable Dampener

Crossbow String Dampener

The Wishbone String and Cable Dampener will make a noticeable reduction of noise and vibration on your bows string and cables. This easy to install dampener does not require a bow press so anyone can quickly add a set to their bow and instantly quiet their set up. At 14 grains each, the Wishbone will not slow your bow down, but in fact may increase speed on certain set ups when placed in the correct location. The Wishbone follows other Pine Ridge Archery accessories by being available in 8 colors plus clear! The clear Wishbone adds a nice touch to your custom string by not masking the strings colors but allowing them to show through.

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Rinehart Crossbow Targets


Rinehart targets are considered by many to be the best archery targets in the world and have long been a go to for crossbow hunters. Now Rinehart has come out with a line targets specifically designed for the crossbow shooter. Built to with stand both field point and broadhead punishment from the fastest crossbows the only thing you’ll have to worry about is picking the right one.

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If I only had one word to describe the FLIR Scout III it would be “advantage”. Few new technologies revolutionize how you approach a hunt and significantly impact the odds of success.

No matter how much gear we buy most of it isn’t going to overcome the keen senses of the most prized big game out there. This is no more apparent than at night when our human eyes are rendered nearly useless in comparisson. The FLIR Scout III turns the tables on this disadvantage and put the ball pack in our court.

The Scouts thermal imaging capability allows hunters to spot game through the darkest of nights and make decisions on how to approach their hunt. You can now avoid being busted on the way in to a stand, glass a dark field in the early morning to know if that buck is going to pass by your setup and effortlessly track hard to find fresh blood no matter how little there is. It is a true advantage to have one of these units along for your hunt but let’s look into all the features that make this camera stand out product.

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Crossbow Bolt FOC


Tuning your crossbow bolts will help you tighten your groupings and will ultimately be a key part of your success.

To optimize your accuracy you need to understand what affects your crossbow bolts flight. The front of center of F.O.C. of your bolt can have a big influence on accuracy especially at longer ranges.

 So what exactly is F.O.C.

F.O.C. describes the percentage of your crossbow bolt’s total weight that which is located in the front half of the bolt. The more weight that is located in the front half of the crossbow bolt, the more forward is the crossbow bolt’s center-of-balance.

The F.O.C. balance position of the crossbow bolt is one of the more important elements affecting the shape of the crossbow bolt’s trajectory curve. Ideal F.O.C is especially critical for target shooters participating in long-range shooting competitions or hunters that are pushing the their crossbows to the maximum shooting range.

While F.O.C is less relevant in some crossbow hunting situations (short-range shots), it can be critical in those long-range situations or if your shooting a crossbow with a low FPS rating. A high F.O.C. will fly with good stability, but will shed its trajectory quicker and nose-dive. While a crossbow bolt with low F.O.C. will hold its trajectory better, but can fly erratically. For hunting situations crossbow bolts with 10-15% F.O.C. for hunting setups and optimal accuracy.

How do I Find my F.O.C.?