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Caribou Hunting with @JackHumeADV


Caribou Hunting with Jack Hume Adventures is an epic hunting adventure and crossbow hunt of a lifetime.

Caribou is another crossbow hunt on my all time bucket list. Someday I’ll be checking off with a trip to the great Canadian north.

In this vastly untamed country side Jack Hume Adventures has been operating since the 1970’s.  They offer an all-inclusive Nunavik hunting expeditions that takes place where over 400 000 of Quebec’s Leaf River caribou embark on a yearly migration from mid-August to early October. For crossbow hunters plan on a later hunt because as the herd migrates toward the more wooded terrain this will offer you ability to take that closer range shot.

In order to stay ahead of the herd, Jack Hume Adventures has 40 hunting territories and can cover more of the migration route than any other outfitter.  They only book 6 camps per week, with 6 hunters per camp. This gives anyone hunting with them a huge ratio of spare camps to move around to if necessary.

They also own and operate their own private Cessna 185 for locating caribou when the hunt slow down. This will not only keep the action coming but it’ll ensure you’ll be given the best opportunity to bring home that trophy rack. In fact over the past three decades of operation they’ve had a success rate of 90-100% on fair chase caribou hunts.

A typical Jack Hume Adventures package has you spending 6 days at one of those 40 caribou hunting camps with the opportunity to harvest caribou, black bear and ptarmigan. In between the big game action you can fire up your rod and reel on nearby pristine lakes and rivers that surround the camps. They’re nearly untouched by modern man and filled with trophy lake trout, brook trout, northern pike, and landlocked arctic char.

They offer a variety of packages with the unguided hunts starting at just over $4,000, to the fully guided trophy hunts that start around $11,000.  There are also great semi guided options starting at $7,300, that will give you the benefits of a guide but split amongst a couple hunters. Unless you’re a seasoned caribou hunter or familiar with the territory I would recommend enlisting a guide to assist.

While there is a focus on safety this is the definition of wilderness and anything and everything could happen. So start planning now and saving your pennies because by all accounts this is an epic once in a lifetime experience.