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Hawk Kwik-Grab Crossbow Stand


The Hawk Kwik-Grab Crossbow Stand isn't just another stand to keep your crossbow on display in the offeseason.

The Hawk Kwik-Grab Crossbow Stand is a portable fully functional stand designed to keep your crossbow in an accessible position while hunting.

It’s engineered to not only do this while hunting from the ground but is also able to easily mount to a treestand so that you are able to have your crossbow in position while at elevation. This technology is the first of it’s kind and like the company itself pushes the boundaries of hunting innovation.

Features Include:

  • Ultra compact & lightweight design makes the unit extremely portable
  • U-bolt treestand attachment makes for a quick setup]
  • Silent-Grip arms keep your crossbow safe and silent
  • V-Cradle ensures paralleled crossbow stability while in stand
  • Adjustable support arm allows for multiple positions to hold at the perfect angle

Check out our video review.

Hawk Kwik-Grab Crossbow Stand
Hawk Kwik-Grab Crossbow Stand