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Treestand Setup Kit


Treestand Setup Kit

This summer or when your heading into the woods to setup for stand don’t to double check your kit to make sure isn’t without these essentials.

  • Day Pack – use a tough, roomy model with plenty of pockets, plus shoulder straps for greater comfort.
  • Steps – wrap enough steps for one setup (about 12 steps for me) in strips of cloth to keep from clinking and clanking.
  • Rope –  always have several 25-30 foot sections of rope handy for pulling up a stand, a backpack, and of course your crossbow
  • Safety Harness – keep one in your hunting pack and another in my stand hanging kit so I am never without protection.
  • Pruning Shears – I like a bypass style that can easily lop off a finger0thick limb.
  • Folding Saw – zipping through larger branches is easy with a quality model made for this purpose.
  • Compass – nothing fancy needed here: just a simple, sturdy unit to determine proper wind direction and get your out of that thick brush if you get turned around.
  • Trail Markers – trail marking tacks that glow in a flashlight beam are perfect for marking entry trails to morning tree-stand setups.
  • Pole Saw – essential for any long term set that needs to be thoroughly brushed out.
  • GPS – mark stand locations, deer sign and other hotspots while out in the woods will help you refine your strategy.
  • Rangefinder – to mark out and tag distances.for your shooting lanes