Tips & Tricks

Treestand Tune-Up


With last season officially in the books it’s time to check out your gear and make sure it’s ready for year of open season action. While the best time to check out your treestand is immediately following your hunting season not all of us get around to it or are able, due to weather conditions. So here’s a quick treestand tune-up guide that will help ensure is safe and ready to go.

Take It Down
Don’t leave your stand outside all year round if you’re not using it. The added exposure to the elements will causes added corrosion and can significantly reduce the lifespan of your stand.

Rust, What Rust
Don’t forget to prime or repaint all areas that show sign of rusting to prevent further deterioration. Failure to do so can lead to big time structural issue that could put you at risk.

Run a Tight Ship
Hunting and simply being exposed to constant winds and in climate temperatures and loosen fasteners. So don’t forget to re-tighten all nuts and bolts, especially those which connect key structural components (platforms).

Check Your Parts
Inspecting cables, fasteners, pins, ratchets and straps is as important as the stand itself. These components often wear out faster the stand and are sometimes more difficult to detect.

Seat Repair
If your stand features a seat that isn’t removable then check the seas for rips, tears and mold. You can prevent future issues by making sure it’s dried out before storage and then storing the inside a sealed plastic bags.