Wingfeather Outfitters


Waterfowl - Canada Goose - Turkey - Whitetail Deer

Located outside of a small town in Ontario, Canada you’ll find Wingfeather Outfitters. These guides offer some of the most versatile and successful hunting north of the border.  At Wingfeather Outfitters they serve up a wide array of hunting options, all of which offer exceptional trophy opportunities.

First and foremost they’re known for delivering some of the best waterfowl and goose hunting within North America. Wingfeather Outfitters is situated on one of the first major staging grounds for the annual migration of James Bay Canada Geese and surrounded by pristine waterfowl habitat. This allows them to place you in perfect position and consistently offer action packed waterfowl hunting. In addition these they also offer some excellent options crossbow hunters.

Turkey Hunts

With a population that is exploding in the region Wingfeather guides guarantee action everyday you’re in the field. This isn’t just a empty claim; they have an 85% success rate in the past 5 years which means you’ll be offered the best possible chance at a trophy Tom. Not to be outdone they also specialize in some of the finest whitetail hunting around.

Wingfeather Outfitter Turkey

Whitetail Deer Hunts

By limiting the number of hunters each year, monitoring trophy buck activity, and ensuring their local population are supplied quality nutrients all year long they are able to offer exceptional big buck hunting. With stands located on proven trails they let you hunt based on your preference. Whether it be a permanent ground blinds, box blinds or mobile treestands, they take extra steps to ensure you’re going to be in your own element when that trophy buck creeps into range.

Crossbow whitetail hunts start in October and run right till the end of December which allow you to hunt deer during prime time rut or later in the season while tracking them through the snow.

Wingfeather Outfitter Hunt

However and whenever you enjoy the outdoors Wingfeather Outfitters will be able to deliver a high quality hunting expedition.

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